Apr. 5th, 2010

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One of the things I'd really like to see more of in my life and my fic is a Castiel who is crabby, impatient, vaguely hostile, angry, and kickass, not just sad/patient/content to muse on the sorrows of his life and/or Dean's. It's something I've been thinking for a while as I've been working on the Dean/Cas Exchange Fic of Doom and some other projects, but it finally started to take shape last night while talking to [personal profile] trinityofone and [profile] 22by7. A sample:

[personal profile] aesc: 22 pointed out how, when Pamela kisses Dean (and also I think when Anna kisses him in 4.10), he is actually quite passive
[personal profile] trinityofone: this is true
[personal profile] trinityofone: he likes to let the ladies top, too, iirc
[personal profile] aesc: yeah, he'd totally be down with Cas in charge in bed
[personal profile] trinityofone: more of this, please!
[personal profile] aesc: I mean, it makes SO MUCH SENSE
[personal profile] aesc: [Cas is] stubborn and determined and crabby and impatient when he wants things to get done and people aren't cooperating
[personal profile] trinityofone: i <3 this description
[personal profile] aesc: so in bed, if Dean is being really slow about getting him off, Cas would be all, "Dean, put your hand on my dick right now and make me come"

That developed into the following picspam/commentary, which is pretty much my interpretation of Cas so far this season. It is, of course, just my interpretation, so your agreement/mileage/sodium intake may vary. But hey, pretty pictures! Lots of them! And spoilers up through 5.18!

.updated 04.18: Added 5.17 and 5.18!
.updated 05.08: Added 5.21!
.updated 05.19: Added 5.22!

why Cas is not your grandma's angel )

.eta 5.19: Thank you so much to everyone who's read the original Casifesto and its updates!


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