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aesc ([personal profile] aesc) wrote2010-05-23 09:16 pm

how I have spent my days

I really hope you guys can see this, otherwise I screwed it up and will have to repost. If you can, hey, I have all (well, 98%) of my HP, SGA, and SPN fic handily indexed for you RIGHT OVER HERE. I've left out a few things, including the stuff I've written for the Nantucket 'verse, as well as the scores of drabbles that litter this place. Still, you have most of what's important in one place, so you can avoid it more effectively!

So that's one of the things I've been doing. The other is this, depicted in cartoon form for your amusement and edification:

The dog needed a bath today because he was absolutely revolting, and shedding like crazy. Despite being a water dog (and he really loves water, you can't get him out of a stream or lake or pond, once he's in), he's a terrible coward when it comes to bathtime and puts on a disgraceful production with the betrayed, martyred eyes, the lowered head, the drooping tail, the deep siiiiiigh of resignation. Also, I always come out of it looking like I got attacked by the hose; I'm on the other side of a shower and clean clothes and I still feel ick.

The last thing I've been doing is contemplating the amazingness that is girl!Dean. Honestly, the only way Dean Winchester could be more awesome than he is is if he'd been born a woman.

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