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[personal profile] architeuthis is right, and these are really hot! Also, so am I, but not in that way

So, yes, I am sure most of you have seen the screenshots from Misha Collins's Stonehenge Apocalypse. I fully anticipate it will be horrible, possibly the kind of horrible that, through some impossible chemistry, will transmute into inadvertently awesome. I mean, Misha! Torri Higginson! Come on! This will also mark a temporary break in my informal boycott of SyFylis.

As I said, I'm sure most of you who care have seen these already. WELL, I AM SHOWING THEM TO YOU AGAIN. Why? Because... well, why not? Also, architeuthis has made the very salient observation that Misha here looks a lot like Cas from Freedom hangs like Heaven, right down to the amulet. After consulting the shots myself, I have to say I agree completely. Check it:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

See? Amulet! Right there! Also: slightly scruffy, the jacket, the battered, jeans, all clearly demonstrating Dean's influence.


Shots from mata090680, modified by myself.

.in other news: I ran outside today and paid the price. The heat was a fucking sledgehammer (92 DEGREES WHAT THE HELL), and I really wasn't ready for it; I had to quit two miles in, and stagger back to the safety of the A/C and the gym, where I'd stashed my bookbag and things. Then when I arrived and swiped my card to get back in, I got lectured for wearing a tank top into the gym, and I was sweaty and disoriented and snarled back that I was just in there to get my stuff, I wasn't going to go smear my sweaty shoulders and cleavage on the workout equipment. I got an apology, and immediately felt bad for growling. But, I mean, I was red-faced, disheveled, and shaking, and I'd think that would be enough to say "this person's busted her ass already, she's not going to go on the elliptical machine." Augh.

Also, right now I really want wine, but I suspect that way lies disaster :(

In conclusion: MISHAAAAAAAAA.

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