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.music: Blue highway (Team Free Will)

I've been down for the count for the past couple of weeks, but one of the good things is I tracked down a bunch of new music to add to my collection, and was able to finagle some of the blues stuff into a mix. "Blue Highway" is a bit different from the previous blues collections; there are some different versions of old songs (seriously, check out Bessie Smith's "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out") and some instrumental, especially guitar and harmonica. I hope you guys enjoy it!

The mix is a bit looser in conception than some of the others I've done. The general theme is life on the road, eventually focusing on Dean, Sam, and Cas down and out as S5 draws on.

Track Listing

01. Two Bones and a Pick | t-bone walker

02. Born under a Bad Sign | etta james
if it weren't for bad luck
iwouldn't have no luck at all

03. I'm Bad Like Jesse James | john lee hooker
they gon' take you right down
by the riverside
now four is goin' down
ain't but three comin' back

04. Hot Sauce | son seals

05. Mississippi Bollweevil | north mississippi allstars
bollweevil, bollweevil
where's your native home, mama, yeah?

06. Broke Down Engine | johnny winter
went down to my praying ground, Lord I fell down on my knees
i ain't trying for no religion, won't you bring me back my good gal please

07. Dirty Work at the Crossroads | Jimmie Vaugn
dirty work at the crossroads
oh, what a sad affair

08. Juke | little walter & his night cats

09. Blue and Lonesome | jimmy rogers & left hand frank
i'm blue and lonesome
and I don't know just what to do

10. Too Young to Die | sonny boy williamson
i'm scared of that child
i'm too young to die

11. Ten Years Ago | buddy guy & junior wells
just ten years ago
people how I would live my life

12. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out | bessie smith
then I began to fall so low,
lost all my good friends, I did not have nowhere to go.

13. Volunteered Slavery | derek trucks band
volunteered slavery has got me on the run

14. Lord I Wish I Could See | rev. gary davis
there was a time when I went blind

15. Call Him By His Name | s-word


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