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aesc ([personal profile] aesc) wrote2010-07-20 03:36 pm
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two depressing things

... in addition to the book I was interested in getting turning out to be kind of lame.

1.) On the way to the bookstore I got stuck behind a guy with a Tea Party bumper sticker on his car. Like, I am all for fiscal responsibility, but not when you use it to (badly) cover your poor butthurt white privilege, buttress your arguments for it with arguments like "Obama's the one who got us into this war that's costing us so much money," and are guilty of voting for the same senators and congresspeople who you feel have ripped you off over and over again. To pile more depressing on top of that, I got stuck behind this moron for about twenty minutes, waiting for a traffic jam to clear.

2.) When I was going up to pay for my consolation notebook (no way was I going to drive forty-five minutes and get stuck behind a Teabagger and go home emptyhanded), these two teenage girls came in. One of them said to the other "Oh, I can read; I just choose not to." Cue apoplexy.

Someone hold me.
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[personal profile] fjbryan 2010-07-25 02:09 am (UTC)(link)
One of them said to the other "Oh, I can read; I just choose not to."

My hopes for the gene pool are dwindling, daily.

And sorry to be slow on this...have been in bowels of salt mine all summer, so just now reading last month's worth of posts.