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aesc ([personal profile] aesc) wrote2010-08-21 02:06 pm

.help_pakistan: stuff I'm offering

Breaking traveling-imposed silence to say: I'm finishing up my [community profile] help_haiti art now, and so I thought I'd toss my hat in the ring for [community profile] help_pakistan. The general information post on donations and bidding is here, and the links to my comments are below. Check out the comm's main page for more.

Comic for SPN. You pick the characters and a prompt. Because of the medium I work in, things must be canon. I prefer Dean/Cas slash or gen; no Wincest. MINIMUM BID: $15, with $15 per additional page. I'll match up to $60, though.

Cover art for your SPN, SGA, Merlin, or HP fic. My only real limitation is, on the SPN and HP, no incest (no Wincest, Twincest). Please email me your story (assuming you win), and I'll whip something up! MINIMUM BID: $20

Go, go, gadget fandom!

(PS: Have settled back down, finally, after much traveling and work. Now to catch up...)