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.podfic: Below skyscrapers (Dean/Cas) R | 3:32:34

.podifc: Below skyscrapers (Dean/Cas) R | 3:32:34
OMG OMG OMG YOU GUYS, the totally awesome [personal profile] podcath has podficced Below Skyscrapers, all 32,000 words and three and a half hours of it! You can read the original here, and below you can find the links to the mp3 and m4b versions at Jinjurly's site. I did the cover as well.

mp3 (286MBs) | m4b (305MB)

Full-sized version of the artses:

On Sunday, as some of you may know, Misha Collins kicked the highway's ass and ran 83km (that is like almost two marathons, you guys) to raise $94.7k for relief efforts in Haiti. While he was doing that, I showed my support by re-watching Stonehenge Apocalypse and drawing stuff. I originally posted them to my Twitter pic account thingy here and here.

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