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Those of you who have known me for a while know that I have a very great fondness for turkeys. Specifically, the wild turkeys who live near my parents' house, and who are also the inspiration for my SGA turkey!verse (see links above, and yes I know I am insane). Usually they disappear during the summer, although I did see lots of adorable baby turkeys (turklets?) this year, and return in the fall, once turkey season starts. I think they know the area around the house is private property with no hunters allowed.

Anyway, here they are on their daily afternoon parade down the street. John is in front, confidently leading them up to Highway 109.

ETA!! Forgetting things left and right... You all really REALLY need to check out twentysomething's totally amazing and in all other ways perfect AU, Excerpts from Carver Edlund's magnum opus. It's a Bones/SPN fusion in which Cas is the forensic anthropologist, Dean is the FBI agent subliminally and pathetically attracted to him, and soon-to-be Dr. Shurley writes pervy stories about the two of them. GO AND REAAAAAD.
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I'm just wandering across my network page and have to stop and tell you that your turkeys made me crack an enormous grin.
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(Eeeeeeeeeee, turkeys!!)
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I love the way they're marching up the middle of the road!
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2- Thank you so much for the recommendation, it made me tingly all over!