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Making it up (girl!Dean/Cas) NC17 | 2,500
A follow-up to As we go along, in which there is SEX SEX SEX. God, I love Deanna. A lot.

That night, the Victorian widow goes down swinging. )

.in other news: Okay, I am gone for a few days. I AM VERY ANXIOUS ABOUT THE FINALE, but I guess you guys knew that already. Stay strong, no matter what happens! *clings to you all*
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As we go along (girl!Dean/Cas) PG13 | 2,400
Quite some time ago, I swore to insight2 and several other people that I would write girl!Dean. Well, the other day, 22by7 asked for something to do with Deanna, Cas, and going for ice cream, and I girded my loins and wrote this. It's always-a-girl!Dean, who, let's be honest, is awesome. Post-war, some references to 5.02 and 5.04, with kissing.

The world didn't end, and sometimes that freaks her out. )
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Hurray, the mods have put up the author masterlist for the most recent Dean/Cas exchange. There are exactly 100 fics, and hey, I wrote one of them!

Below skyscrapers (Dean/Cas) R | 32,400
Written for a dropout, but really for maboheme, who wanted a fic with Dean and Cas... and they're cops! I had a ton of fun with this prompt, I can't even begin to tell you, trying to work out the nuts and bolts of a world where everyone knows about the supernatural. And there was so much stuff that I couldn't put in, due to lack of time/space so there might be some additional stuff in the future. In the meantime, though, here's a formal link to the fic!

"Castiel, this is Detective Winchester," Bobby's saying, voice rough and real. It's a distraction, although a brief one, the angel glancing at him before studying Dean again with that same silent intensity. "He'll be on the Circle Murders too."

Also, because I am VERY CURIOUS: a bunch of you guessed I wrote this. Uh, what tipped you off?

Now I'm going to go be allergic to the entire world :(
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First, a bit of Bones... spoilers ahoy )

First, @misha's write-up is far more coherent and interesting than mine. But behind the cut there is SPECIAL BONUS MISHA!

This reality show is amazing! It has everything, murder, mayhem, homo-erotic photos, Max Headroom. )
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Freedom hangs like Heaven (Dean/Castiel) PG13/R | ~42,000
A really, really, really overdue Sweet Charity fic for verstehen, who wanted a Dean-centric post-Apocalypse fic with Sam having given into his inner demons. Because it's so late, I tried to add on a couple thousand words for each month this should have been done, kind of like interest. Actually, the story totally got away from me.

The fic has substantial spoilers up through 5.14ish, but goes significantly AU after that. Title from Iron and Wine's brilliant song.

In the back seat, another fallen thing slept under Dean's extra coat and an army-surplus blanket. )
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I had horrific allergies today so I had to sleep through most of Bones, but what I did catch was adorable. The previews for next week, though... why are they so bound and determined to get Hodgins and Angela back together? Honestly, I cannot understand it. Well, I can, sort of, but still.

And now, for this week's SPN.

ladies and gentlemen, a streak has been broken )

Also, I was going to post this with the fic I'm struggling to finish, but I just thought I'd say that my fic of doom for the Dean/Cas exchange has, at some point in the past little while, been posted :>

Also, classes are done for the semester, woo! Now to grade a pile of papers.
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Okay, this is going to be short and incoherent, more than likely, because I was out for a thing that involved alcohol. And I'm a beeeeet drunk. Also, this is going to be a liveblog sort of deal, as I'm watching it, via the magic of the internets, with Trin.

ye gods! )
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Finally, for the first time since September last year, I have posted something to discolore, my long-neglected graphics journal. I've been really slow with useful things like resources and tutorials this past year, but with time kind of falling out from underneath me, I feel like most of my Photoshop time should be spent doing selfish, self-serving things, like wallpapers and dumb comics.

At any rate, there are 17 new icons over there now, plus a collection of things I've done in the past year or so. Here's a bit of a taste:

go here!

And, because it's National Poetry Month, I thought I would post some more of my Latin. It's another piece by my old friend Ausonius, whom I would love to have met, because he seems like he was pretty cool: not precisely pagan but not really down with Christianity, someone who enjoyed old stories and living on his estate in Bordeaux and happy to write poetry all day long and have friends over for lunch.

In the clearer air above the fields the Sun's bare, / naked light displays the brilliance of the blue-vaulted heaven )
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Re: Bones... spoilers ) Actually, I'm not entirely sure there's anyone on the planet awesome enough for Angela. Except maybe....

This guy right here. RIGHT FUCKING HERE.

the last time someone looked at me like that )

So you know, I will be updating the Casifesto soon! Just need to get some screencaps from last week and stuff from this week. And replying to things, because I've been slow. And finishing a fic. Which will be posted soon, I hope to God.
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Yayyyyy, it's dogeared's birthday today! Happy birthday, best Jenns! *hugs!* *snorfles!*

Now Imma go back to being weirded out on cold medicine and stare at nothing for a while. Ogggg. Hate colds, hate.
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I'm working on a sore throat, and I am Not Pleased. God I hope it's just post-nasal drip, which is disgusting, but at least it's not tonsillitis/strep/throat ulcer/other horrifying thing.

First, though, BONES: spoilers )

Now, before I get started on the SPN review, wow, um, I was not expecting such a response to the Casifesto! I'll be (slowly) replying to comments, but in the meantime I just wanted to say thank you for reading! And looking! And stuff :)

it's funnier in Enochian )
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One of the things I'd really like to see more of in my life and my fic is a Castiel who is crabby, impatient, vaguely hostile, angry, and kickass, not just sad/patient/content to muse on the sorrows of his life and/or Dean's. It's something I've been thinking for a while as I've been working on the Dean/Cas Exchange Fic of Doom and some other projects, but it finally started to take shape last night while talking to [personal profile] trinityofone and [profile] 22by7. A sample:

[personal profile] aesc: 22 pointed out how, when Pamela kisses Dean (and also I think when Anna kisses him in 4.10), he is actually quite passive
[personal profile] trinityofone: this is true
[personal profile] trinityofone: he likes to let the ladies top, too, iirc
[personal profile] aesc: yeah, he'd totally be down with Cas in charge in bed
[personal profile] trinityofone: more of this, please!
[personal profile] aesc: I mean, it makes SO MUCH SENSE
[personal profile] aesc: [Cas is] stubborn and determined and crabby and impatient when he wants things to get done and people aren't cooperating
[personal profile] trinityofone: i <3 this description
[personal profile] aesc: so in bed, if Dean is being really slow about getting him off, Cas would be all, "Dean, put your hand on my dick right now and make me come"

That developed into the following picspam/commentary, which is pretty much my interpretation of Cas so far this season. It is, of course, just my interpretation, so your agreement/mileage/sodium intake may vary. But hey, pretty pictures! Lots of them! And spoilers up through 5.18!

.updated 04.18: Added 5.17 and 5.18!
.updated 05.08: Added 5.21!
.updated 05.19: Added 5.22!

why Cas is not your grandma's angel )

.eta 5.19: Thank you so much to everyone who's read the original Casifesto and its updates!
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I was going to post this yesterday, but I got thoroughly distracted by IMing a hypothetical medieval AU to 22 and then Trin and I decided that 5.16 spoilery things )

"Through The Wire" is a mix I've been turning over in my head for a while, and finally put together. The general theme is war and the apocalyptic, with a side of loss. As such, I realized that it's kind of a mix for Team Will and not just Dean (who was the original subject). So I present to you... variant covers!

That's right, three different covers to pick from. They're all included in the .zip file. For those of you with iTunes, to pick the cover art you want, simply Select All the tracks in the mix -> Get Info -> and in the Info tab, drag the thumbnail of the cover to the Artwork square. For those of you with different media players, ummmm... can't help you :P But there should be some way to manage the artwork.

Through The Wire )
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Seriously, Bones, stop trying to sell me shit. That includes Avatar and minivans, thank you. Also, spoilers )

And now...

he makes a mean white russian )
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Three more poems!

One of them I have posted before, in different form, but two are new. The first is the conclusion of a letter from Paulinus of Nola to his teacher and friend Ausonius; the two of them rarely met after Paulinus moved to Spain, with Ausonius remaining behind in his beloved Bordeaux, but they corresponded frequently. Two others are more poems attributed to Petronius Arbiter, although the one beginning "Te vigilans" is probably by an unknown poet.

Also, guess who "Ego te" makes me think of? THAT'S RIGHT.

while this landlocked body holds me down, / though the wide world part us )
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Hm, apparently this did not post here. Rectified!

A new country (Dean/Castiel) NC17 | ~3150
Co-written as a bit of stumbled-upon porn/IM conversation between [profile] 22by7 and [personal profile] aesc because, well, what isn't hot about car sex? That's what I thought.

Everything leads down to this one day, when he's slumped in the passenger seat of his car, bones liquefied by heat and no sleep, with weird, not-metal music playing – beamed in from some place Dean's pretty sure isn't broadcasting on the radio – on the Impala's stereo and an angel behind the wheel. )
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This week's Bones was one I missed, and I have to say, it was a race between my love for Booth/Bones adorableness and the relentless Avatar shilling.

crunch crunch crunch )
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I haven't done any translation for fun lately (what? I can translate for fun), and while researching some stuff to inflict on my students ended up finding some very lovely poetry from two authors, Petronius Arbiter (classical?) and Ausonius (early medieval). The three poems are short, but very lovely, and I thought I'd try my hand at some loose, more-poetic translations.

Qualis nox fuit illa, di deaeque,
quam mollis torus. haesimus calentes
et transfudimus hinc et hinc labellis
errantes animas. valete, curae

Gods, goddesses:
the night was a soft bed
and we two, twined together,
alight, with hungering lips
breathed our wandering spirits
back and forth.
Mortality, farewell.

pendant, ripening grapes, the elm,/branches dropping cherries, blush-apple orchards, )
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Oh hey, it's trinityofone's birthday! ♥♥♥

Sadly, the best-laid plans of angels and men go a little wrong sometimes.

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Even though I feel like I should get a pass on the next... year of creativity, as I just finished the killer-death exchange fic last night (Trin and 22 can tell you exactly how killer-death it was), I do have something this week!

One of the many things that I really wish the show would actually, uh, show us is Castiel's search for God. Where does he go? What does he do? Being the sneaky angel that he is, maybe one of the places he looks is right back at the beginning.

the tree of life )

.in other news: Daylight Savings is still messing with me :/ I have got to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

Aaaaand insta-rec: Dot's Louder than bells (Dean, Sam, Castiel, Michael; Dean/Castiel [slight Dean/Michael, references to Dean/Cassie]. NC-17) Read et.


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