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You guys you guys even if you don't watch SPN, you really really really need to check out [personal profile] newkidfan's completely, totally, and in all other ways amazing vid!

Family business (Dean/Cas) PG13/R
AU vid, in which... damn it, just saying "Dean is an FBI agent and Cas is an assassin on a mission" doesn't do the concept justice. But I will say that I knew for a fact it would make [profile] 22by7 and [personal profile] trinityofone very happy, and the only thing that would make me happier is if this actually existed as a series. Because, yes.

My very minor contributions were the title and the cover art. You can see the full-sized piece at Mel's, but I will put it here as well for my own reference.

he put on the garment of vengeance )


.in other news: I'll try to have some kind of brief write-up of 5.22, along with a Casifesto update very soon. Right now my brain is kind of distracted with the distressing amount of work I have to do before I go home for the summer, and trying not to give into the urge to do the Dean/Cas BigBang, because it's not like I don't have ten million other things to do gaaah.
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Finally, for the first time since September last year, I have posted something to discolore, my long-neglected graphics journal. I've been really slow with useful things like resources and tutorials this past year, but with time kind of falling out from underneath me, I feel like most of my Photoshop time should be spent doing selfish, self-serving things, like wallpapers and dumb comics.

At any rate, there are 17 new icons over there now, plus a collection of things I've done in the past year or so. Here's a bit of a taste:

go here!

And, because it's National Poetry Month, I thought I would post some more of my Latin. It's another piece by my old friend Ausonius, whom I would love to have met, because he seems like he was pretty cool: not precisely pagan but not really down with Christianity, someone who enjoyed old stories and living on his estate in Bordeaux and happy to write poetry all day long and have friends over for lunch.

In the clearer air above the fields the Sun's bare, / naked light displays the brilliance of the blue-vaulted heaven )
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Meh, scrapped the old link post and am putting everything here because there are a couple more new things. New things, liiiike... Merlin Big Bang art! Hammock ficlet! And Timberbrit!

Hoc opus, hic labor est (This is the hardship, this is the difficulty)
Art for mariana_oconnor's Merlin BigBang fic, While His Name's Still Spoken! It's a lovely story, a Pratchettian retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and you should read it.a bit about the art )

The language of hands Dean/Castiel (PG) | 431
Touch, Castiel reminds himself, is how humans know each other.

The thought of high windows Dean/Castiel, Sam (PG) | 645
Out on the open water of the lake the light shifts and dances in a haze of eye-searing gold that is like an angel's true shape.

Theca, -ae Dean/Castiel (PG) |
It's the damn Apocalypse after all, the grudge-match of eternity, and the only thing worse than having a ringside seat is being in the fucking ring, fighting for your life while the audience is too busy looking for the guy carrying the popcorn and beer.

The human sky Dean/Castiel (PG13) | 1290
It's a good thing, Dean thinks as he scowls at the apologetic and flustered hostess, they aren't on a date.

Shore Leave Dean/Castiel, Sam (PG) | 623
Lying here, content to feel himself go boneless and his mind loose, as a mission... Castiel struggles to understand that, how he doesn't want much more than for this moment to roll on, changing only when Dean's hand moves from his arm to his side, from his side to his hip.

link of random: Timberbrit So is this RPO? Real Person Opera? Can I now write my Misha/Jensen screenplay?
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It just occurred to me that one of the things on my Backlog of Stuff is linking to things what I wrote and arted over the past two months. So, here they are:

[fic] Faith Healing (John/Rodney PG13) ~11,800 words
An AU for [ profile] temaris's [ profile] sga_santa present! I completely blanked on a halfway decent title for it, which was idiotic, because the story had two sources I knew (Moby's remix of "Run On" and The Band's "WS Walcott Medicine Show") and one which I had completely forgotten until I saw it the other day (Supernatural ep "Faith," which features faith healing in a muddy field in southern Nebraska.)

Anyway, the story gave me hell but it's posted and here it is, with safe planets and Asgard and the Trust and Rodney's horrible, horrible roadtrip with Lorne, and, of course, John: Faith Healing.

[art] Arbor (Teyla, gen PG13)
Art done for [ profile] siriaeve's Teyla!fic as part of [ profile] artword's Astronomy challenge. She does write an awesome Teyla, you guys, srsly. There's team, too, but a lot of team through her eyes: Arbor.

The art is a cover, and sort of an experiment in how to do coloring with brushes and not have a decent drawing tablet. I desaturated the image of Teyla and recolored it in places using splotchy brushes of various persuasions... It took a bit, but it came out okay, I think.
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Hurray, [ profile] sgabigbang is live here! As I did last year, I contributed both fic and art, the better to plague you with.

"Bud, you can't stay here all night," the waiter said to the space captain. "You got to go."

"In a minute," the space captain said. "Let me finish, okay?"

The man had been drinking the same cup of coffee for the past hour. Postum got worse the longer it sat; it must have been like drinking wheat-flavored sludge. McKay watched as the man took another sip, hoarding it for a moment before swallowing, and this time the bitterness in McKay's mouth was the unfamiliar taste of a guilty conscience. He waved the waiter over.

"Another?" Brown and bloodshot eyes peered at him incredulously as the waiter wiped his hands on the rag stuffed into his apron. "Yes, another," McKay snapped, "because why else would I summon you over? For a massage?" He set a nickel on the counter and gestured with his chin to the space captain and his cold cup of coffee, and mouthed
for him in case the waiter didn't get it.

A Face That Nobody Knows (NC17) John/Rodney, ~44,000+ words | {link

Words aren't enough to describe the debt I owe to my betas, [ profile] fiercelydreamed, [ profile] tropes, and [ profile] villainny, who not only helped with the things I knew were wrong, but pointed out things that had entirely escaped me. What is good here is all down to them; what is deficient... well, that's me. But I will say that, despite the difficulties, this was a lot of fun to write, and quite different from what I usually do, and I hope you enjoy it :)

And smooooches and mostly-naked Olympic swimmers to [ profile] amberlynne, for the bamboozling.

Done for [ profile] cathalin's unbelievably lovely The Price That Life Exacts. I'm not linking to the art itself because it's vaguely spoilery for the story, so I'll leave the clicking up to you. But here, have a peek:

.eta: Feedback posts! They are here [for story] and here [for art]
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Busy day. Read some stuff, picked up my art prompt for [ profile] sgabigbang, spent most of the day with the low-level urge to smack people, and finally finished my side of the [ profile] artword typography challenge:

.Dither by [ profile] sheafrotherdon and me (PG13ish)
Rodney tries to write a letter. It doesn't go so well.

Maybe I should just go with origami porn.
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.Nevermind (John/Rodney PG) ~1,500 + art
I was lucky enough to write for the very awesome and talented [ profile] newkidfan for this month's Reversed challenge at [ profile] artword, and believe me when I tell you her art will blow you away. And thank you thank you to [ profile] dogeared for making sure the writing is not entirely nonsensical *smooch* (And for those of you who are interested in [ profile] artword but didn't have a chance/weren't able to participate last month, the new challenge starts soon! Look for it!)

Because the piece is very image-heavy, the link takes you to a preload page ♥

The last time he lost someone behind enemy lines, John had a single helicopter to get him back. This time he has a warship.

.eta: For a few billion reasons (pollen, allergies to said pollen, having to work in the garden anyway otherwise we will be growing prize weeds), I'm having a terrible, "wow do I feel like shit in more ways than one" morning. And I haven't read it yet because I want to wait for the Zyrtec to work (oh please dear god work), but I know THIS is going to be awesome and will help me feel better. It is [ profile] beeej's Bar Harbour AU, and I have been praying for [ profile] wojelah or someone to write it because OMG OMG OMG IT MAKES ME JOYFUL.
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Hallo! In celebration of figuring out VLC's auto-cap function, I made and posted a whole bunch of caps from "This Mortal Coil" here at [ profile] discolore. Look at samples! Download the pretty! Beware the spoilers!

Also, I've reorganized my tags list for easier browsing purposes, and also because I am so dazed that tagging seems like great fun right now.

Crazily busy at the moment, sadly, and it's looking to stay that way for a while. If I'm a gibbering wreck the next time I turn up, don't be surprised.
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A 3-page story, part of the Nantucket AU, posted at [ profile] wagoneer. It could not possibly have been done without [ profile] steammmpunk and her marvelous, marvelous art. WEE!RODNEY!

This has been about a month in the making, and... yes. :)

In other news: "This Mortal Coil"... asdlkjfkj. Oh wow.

[In RL news: We aren't talking about RL right now. *sigh* Do not want.]
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Team: [ profile] aesc and [ profile] anna_luna

Title: A Moving Piece of Sun
By: HF, with art by [ profile] anna_luna
Word Count: c.2300
Characters/Pairings: Sheppard; bit of McKay/Sheppard at the end.
Rating/Warnings: PG13; angst, nothing too horrible.
Disclaimers: Not mine, alas.
Advertisements: For [ profile] artword challenge #05 (Wooden Horse) and [ profile] wordclaim50 challenge #41 (Sight). You can DL the song file here, and should, because it's a cool song.

Notes: I worked with [ profile] anna_luna on this challenge. We'd both decided to do something John-centric, and what's kind of strange is we had similar initial ideas as to what to do with him and didn't know it! Originally I was going to write something focusing more on John's past, and why he does what he does, but somewhere, somehow, that ended up not happening, and instead the fic ended up playing with the images of the song more than the narrative elements--darkness, searching, the transition between death and life, losing and finding. After seeing the glimpse of the artwork Anna sent me, I was surprised as to how close we'd been in terms of approach before I went and changed my mind. Consequently, the complete fic tries to bring John's past back in a little more.

fic glimpse.
graphics; Anna's notes.

A Moving Piece of Sun )

In other news: I have an exceptionally cruel headache from proofreading all day. Am going to a dark place of my own now. With a bottle of Tylenol, as opposed to Rodney. *sigh*


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