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Because nothing is happier than a black dog...


and one of Misha. because he is Misha )

In other news: Today was another good day. I'm still kind of freaked/stressed/vaguely unhappy, but there's been a few days of respite now from the worst. I actually got work done today, and am feeling some art/fic vibe come back... These things just vanished last week, pulled under by all the OMGWTFTHEWORLDISENDING-type thoughts that have been on repeat in my brain.

And to those of you who are observant, L'shanah tovah! May the next year be a joyous one for you ♥
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Happiness: Day Five
It is the birthday of a certain [ profile] dogeared today, and I wrote fic to celebrate it! Also, Finn would like to snorfle Jenn over the internets:

Also, I discovered a new artist through [ profile] crazy_celebrian's really beautifully awesome Cas/Dean fanmix, Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground. Amanda Palmer rocks the piano and I love her voice, just on this side of smoky, and very expressive. If you like Tori Amos, I imagine that you'd probably like her--apparently Neil Gaiman does, because he's writing the text to the photobook accompanying Who Killed Amanda Palmer.

If you think you might like her, check out "The Point of It All," which is my favorite song on her album. [Download!!] And also check out [ profile] crazy_celebrian's mix above for her cover of Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Follow You into the Dark," but only if you're prepared to start crying because oh my god is it heartwrenching and beautiful.

So yay! Fic! Dog! Music! It's Friday!
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Finn, like all pets, knows the significance of the Suitcase, aka Black Box of Doooooooom.

The second I got it out of the closet tonight he was right there, nuzzling and gazing at me pleadingly. Then, in order to increase his Pathetic Quotient, he stepped into my suitcase and sat down. The pleading is either because he's afraid I'm going to abandon him cruelly and pitilessly, or else he's afraid I'm going to toss him in the car for two days.

(It is the latter; I am driving home for spring break YAY! Is a surprise for my mom's birthday, so don't tell her.)
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Today was not precisely lazy. I read a lot about rotting corpses and crazy people, and got some good news about a couple of projects I've had going. All of this is awesome because it's been a while since I've felt good about my work; it's even more awesome when I think that, a year ago, I was still quivering with exhaustion after my exams.

I was slouching around Photoshop tonight and it hit me that I haven't posted any black dog club stuff since November. So, here is some Finn:

He had tried to insinuate himself into my lap when I was working at my computer. The quilt is for purposes of warmth; the corner of the house where my desk is also happens to be the coldest corner of the house. Brrrr.

In other news: I'm in that vaguely annoying state where the muse is overflowing with ideas, but really does not want to commit to writing anything. I have an SGA fic-in-perpetual-progress, a couple of SPN things, a Bones/SGA fic, and they are all lots of fun to work on, I'm sure, but my brain would much rather keep the stories to itself. It won't even share them with me. *aggravation*

Now to return to the icons. The latest group is a vast improvement on what I came up with a couple weeks ago... I might even be able to update [ profile] discolore three times in one month. THREE TIMES, PEOPLES.

.eta: drive-by rec! Taking Time Out by [ profile] villainny. Lovely quiet SPN piece, featuring Dean, a rubber duckie, and a Castiel who's content to wait for the next thing said until forever came knocking.
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You have been warned. I finished my mooshy, cuddly cowl last night after a marathon knitting session, and its cuddliness (which you may see behind the cut) hath inspired me with the muse of cuddliness.


B. Bright orange fleece for maximum cheerfulness
C. Hand gestures of "I have just illustrated my awesomeness"
D. Cuffs of bright orange fleece pulled down over wrists

THAT is how you make a cuddly.

TWO MOAR CUDDLY (and imo rather cute) THINGS )

And now, a meme I stole from [ profile] kashmir1!

flickr photo mosaic )

Also, speaking of adorable and cuddly, [ profile] tardis80 has done the most adorable bookmarks in the known universe. There are turkeys! Pandas! Penguins! *flails*
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Yes, post of random!

The next challenge is up at [ profile] artword, and is ASTRONOMY, inspired by NASA's photos of the day. In the manner of cosmic matter into a black hole, I have been sucked into the archives and have spent a lot of time wishing for a spaceship, and remembering when I wanted to be an astronomer.

Living in central Florida as I did, NASA was a big part of my life--lots of field trips, and shuttles or rockets going up were always news. My first clear memory of joy or tragedy beyond my family was when Challenger exploded in 1986; I can very clearly recall standing in the kitchen, watching the shuttle break apart on our tiny TV, and realizing this was something way past my previous experiences. My dream for the future is to live in a place with no light pollution, and a telescope. (Which explains a bit of why I wrote this for [ profile] mcsmooch.)

Speaking of writing, cut for viking!boys and poll! )

Also, I just took this and I love my silly black dog:

[ profile] dogeared points out that Finn is asking "Whut r u doin?"
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From [ profile] bitter_crimson, who got it from [ profile] shaenie, because even though there is not much politicking here, I am going comprehensively insane with worry over tomorrow.

1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.

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I've seen that "your week in pictures" meme going around, and it occurred to me that, while it would be fun to do, I'd never actually finish because I'm always forgetting my camera when I go out. That, and my days lately usually involve wandering between a chair in the kitchen and my desk chair, and my living room is not very picturesque.

But, speaking as one who spends a bit of time here, I like the things that happen to wander into the sphere of influence around my desk.

brownie cookies! hats! dogs! lolcats! PANDAS! )
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[ profile] dogeared and I have inducted the SGA crew into the Black Dog Club. Why, you ask?

here's why! )

Also, there is Joe M.'s not-so-subtle mancrush on Joe Flanigan. I warn thee, fangirls, do not be operating the heavy machinery or performing surgery while watching this clip.

in which Joe skateboards into the sunset and looks nice and long and lean while doing so

*goes back to being hypnotized*


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