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So, some weeks ago, Trin and I (and Mouse) spent a diverting evening with Gay on the Range.

The collection, as all good collections should, manages to be both hilarious and thought-provoking (although I do wish there was a bit more commentary beyond the brief introduction, which is still quite good despite its brevity). On one hand, pretty much any sleazy smexy novel, regardless of time period, is always good for a laugh; on the other, the "twilight world" of gay sexuality, and the "unpredictability" or "rapaciousness" of unorthodox sexual or gender identities in the eyes of heterosexuals are still tropes today in the contest over gay marriage and the repeal of DADT. Possibly some of the books in this collection are read as accurate scientific treatises by people like James Dobson and this asshat right here.

Back to the other hand, i.e. the campy, yet strangely awesome hand... there's crack in them thar hills.

Gay Tutor )


In other news: Holy crap, apocabigbang is due in a couple of days. I should get on that. Also, OUT OF MORBID CURIOSITY.

And now, for something entirely silly: Who on LJ do you ship me with? Bonus points for outlining the ridiculous AU fic that you would write about us.
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Okay, this afternoon [ profile] unamaga and I were reflecting on our continued joy re: the Obama administration not being the Bush administration, and some of the awesomely hilarious informal "campaign materials" that came out during the elections, particularly the Obama and Biden macros. (Probably NSFW due to a lot of profanity.) "His font got serifs goddam" has stuck with me to this day.

Then, as things inevitably do, I pointed out that Castiel needed a macro. Mel agreed.

you want him to do your taxes look at that fucking coat )

Yeah, I know.

(Back tonight with Day of Happiness #3! The happy thing just needs to happen, but I'm pretty sure it will.)
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Oh Best of Craigslist, you inspire such demented musings!

[19:14] [ profile] aesc: < do you think Rodney would ever put his death ray up for sale on craigslist?
[19:14] [ profile] siriaeve: no, there's a sentimental attachment

Dr. Rodney McKay, Mad Scientist! )

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Really, how awesome was Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat? So awesome I had to spend my evening with it. These are supposed to be, kinda-sorta, vinyl album covers. *facepalm*

.previews: (all 400.400px)

soul train! )

Technically the wee previews are icons, so you can snag them if you want ♥
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Flirting class offered to German computer geeks.

Questions for class discussion:
What are the odds Rodney ends up in this class, by one means or another? ([ profile] sheafrotherdon credits this to Jeannie's interference)
What are the odds that the scruffy guy in the math doctoral program isn't in it, because he's absurdly hot and sucks in grads, undergrads, and faculty like an exceptionally disheveled black hole?
What are the odds that such a story will end happily?

In other news: I'm still about six weeks behind on reading and commenting, but I'm getting there ♥ Look out, inboxes of the world.

I also got caught up on SPN S4. Overall I like it--I'm quite enamored of Castiel (Misha Collins come to meeee...), but I really really really wish the writers would ease up on the bitch/skank/whore references to Ruby and other demons that are gendered as female. YES, we get it, women are demonic, horrible, and sexually promiscuous, you can stop now writers, kthx.

Also, my parents' computer is being whiny and not letting me download the last SGA episode. WTF COMPUTER.
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There are things I should be working on, because... well, there are lots of things to do, but it's been a week. Not only did we have a Major Historical Event in the election of Barack Obama to the office of President (Woo hoo! Woo hoo!), but a Somewhat Minor Historical Event in my submission of my dissertation proposal and chapter to the graduate college so I can defend them.

Woo hoo! Woo hoo!

Anyway, my roommate has been watching Charlie's Angels (the series) for some women in popular culture class, and...

Ronon, John, Rodney = Teyla's, like, Angels or something that doesn't sound so ridiculous )

I'm sorry, this is what my brain does when I don't keep an eye on it.

.eta: I have been meaning to post it, but I am dumb and forgetful... anyway *cough* Over at [ profile] artword, the ever-so-awesome [ profile] newkidfan has started posting the fifteen stories and art pieces from the Round Robin challenge. Woo hoo! I have participated in a wee bit of writing here, and committed art here and here. Go checkitouuuut!
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You know what would amuse me greatly?

John Sheppard in the space brassiere.

As an alternative, I would take Rodney in the space brassiere and John in the slinky black dress.

(BTW: the source is a postcard from Poster Art, which sells okay posters but they have a kick-ass postcard collection. I did go just crazye.)
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This is what my brain does after being forced to contemplate things like Latin and grant applications and proposals.

Rodney = Antiques Roadshow appraiser, y/y? )
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This has been a stupid week for a lot of people for a lot of reasons: floods, drought, disease, overwork, bureaucracy, or even the hell that is other people... Our stupid week, let us show you it! Fortunately for me, today was a pretty good day, so I feel like I should give something back to everyone who's cheered me up over Monday and Tuesday, and really, there's no better way to do that than with panda bear fic and cowlick wordles.

Yeah, you read that right.

.Becomingly Fuzzy (John/Rodney) very, very G
[ profile] amberlynne, [ profile] grammarwoman, and [ profile] unamaga have all conspired in this, one way or another!

Rodney watches from behind his screen of bamboo as the humans come to take Katie away.  )

Last year, I posted SPROING! as a rather ridiculous tribute to the joint awesomeness of Joe Flanigan's hair and intoxicated Rodney. And now, the WORDLE! As you may guess, SPROING! is featured prominently :>


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I've seen that "your week in pictures" meme going around, and it occurred to me that, while it would be fun to do, I'd never actually finish because I'm always forgetting my camera when I go out. That, and my days lately usually involve wandering between a chair in the kitchen and my desk chair, and my living room is not very picturesque.

But, speaking as one who spends a bit of time here, I like the things that happen to wander into the sphere of influence around my desk.

brownie cookies! hats! dogs! lolcats! PANDAS! )
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Give [ profile] aesc and [ profile] siriaeve a Saturday and news headlines, and nothing good will come of it. Case in point:

[15:42] [ profile] siriaeve: now there's a headline

remote control! )

And as a reward, have some Brendan Dean. Why? Because he's awesome. And hot. And a dork.

that cough syrup is *strong* )
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I recently redid my layouts for [ profile] aesc and [ profile] discolore and yes, I did slash my headers.

why you so dirty? )

Don't look at me like that.

.eta: eeeee [ profile] thegrrrl2002 wrote a lovely bit of commentfic, where John has decided to be belligerent about marrying Rodney! It finishes off this thread and its particular comment is here.

Oh, John

May. 5th, 2008 10:08 am
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Someone has probably noticed this before, but I saw it for the first time when hunting through screencaps, and I think it's pretty amusing. Oh, John.

John Sheppard/golf = not OTP )

[ profile] elli, do you think this is maybe why assassin!John accepted that contract to get rid of Rodney? Long-repressed resentment? :>

.eta: Can has macro?
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I wasn't intending to spam today (one more thing tonight and then that's it, I swear), but this is something very ridiculous I doodled for [ profile] cesperanza, a scrap from the sensationalist memoir In the Halls of the Ancients, as described here.

The angel of history is a voyeur and likes unauthorized biographies.

Iram Nos once wrote, 'You who write, seek the truth in all things.' And when I found John Sheppard and Rodney McKay in a clinch in a far-flung corner of Atlantis, I knew I had found it, and so much more. )

.eta: Excerpt from Chapter 10. Threesome?
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I'm not entirely sure where this came from, or where it might go, but I blame this on: 1.) current RL, 2.) [ profile] steammmpunk, 3.) my kink/cliche fest prompt, 4.) everything else I should be working on.

Paris, AD 1260 or so )
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1: meeeep... Thank you to those who commented on my [ profile] paintedspires piece :"> It suffered from two false starts, a sinus infection, endless retractions, and in the end its minimalism was mostly a function of "crap, I have to post tomorrow." It's also the first time I've tried to tell a story in under 100 words, and for a person who clings to verbosity, it was... unnerving.

2: My brain has taken a beating for the past week, in the form of endless, endless amounts of copiously boring work. Metaphorically, my current task has been described as "mind-numbing," and according to Discovery News (thank you Gmail!), your brain really does go numb, or something like it when you do these sorts of things. Reading two foreign-language texts simultaneously to see how one (which is an extremely, extremely loose translation of the other) departs from the other and then typing out the relevant passages from both (when one requires a whole host of special characters and mysterious keystrokes) is probably the least glamorous part of my very not-glamorous field, and my cortex is feeling every stultifying second of it.

So I am not responsible for what you will read next.

3: In the spirit of the radium-coated tie, another "cool" thing from [ profile] vintage_ads that John Sheppard would buy:

Not a girdle! 100% undetectable! [not radioactive] )

In other news: It's been sort of a sucky two weeks. The dogs were up at an unreasonable hour, barking unreasonably and making me unreasonable in the process. I want to go back to sleeeep.

ETA: Oh oh, and technology recs! I am going to use my tax return to invest in a tablet, I think. I really really achingly want one. Do any of you technological art people know of a good tablet, somewhere in the $250-$300 range? I could maybe go a bit higher, depending on the level of bookbuying extravagance I achieve at Big Conference in a couple weeks.
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There has been very great, excruciating pain since Sunday morning, which is a sign that it is not my usual Spring Celebration sinus headache, but a sinus infection. Given the amount of time I spend being congested, I'm not surprised, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

Fortunately, there are drugs; unfortunately, they destroy my coherence, so I am posting this before I go back to sleep:

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For reasons of economy:

1: Written for [ profile] mcsmooch: Office Hours (John/Rodney, Restoration Hardware AU), in which we learn that Rodney's second base is comprehensively stolen.

2: THEY ARE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Our fandom brings the crack, and it is good.

3: Because some of you seemed to like it, more Beokitteh, the next twenty-eight lines or so, cut for length.

Thar wuz big boat on teh beachez (not failboat)/all icy n stuffs, pimped out liek woah! )

In other news: I don't know why I haven't done this before now, but I downloaded Trillian, so I'm reliably aesc36 on MSN, Yahoo, and AIM.
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In the tradition of The Waste Land and The Bible... the first eleven lines of Beowulf in LOLcat:

Hay thar! We can has knowingz of teh c00lniz of
teh Spearcats, teh kingz of teh pplz, in teh old daiz,
how teh prinzes wuz all FTW!1!! \o/
Wif ninja cats Scyld Scefkitteh
stoled teh mead-benchiz (whut??) of many doggiz
an skared lots of pplz. Aftur he wuz
founded bukkitless he got cookies cos he was sad kitteh,
he growed up an pwned c00l stuffs
so all teh doggiz in teh hood
an cross teh see did whut he sed
an gave him cheezburgrs. Taht wuz gud king, srsly.

Beokitteh, 1 tru !1
Indeed, we have heard of the glory of
the Spear-Danes, the kings of the nation,
how lords did courageous things in bygone days.
With bands of warriors Scyld Scefing
robbed many nations of their mead-seats
and terrified men. After he was
discovered destitute he was comforted,
grew under the skies and prospered in honor,
until each of the neighboring people
over the whale's path had to obey him
and pay him tribute. That was a good king.

Beowulf, 1-11

In other news: Not that translating into LOLcat isn't productive, but I really need to get things done tonight.

.eta!: Before I get to all that, if you're interested/so inclined, OTW membership has opened! Cool.

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John Sheppard has this tie. You must read the ad copy, because it's awesome.

There's no trick, no hidden batteries, no switches or foolish horseplay, but a thing of loveliness )

In other news: New Hewlett icon! \o/

And, for those of you still around or just tuned in, model!John and reporter!Rodney improv with [ profile] siriaeve.


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