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Probably this is [ profile] insight2's fault, but while I was brushing my teeth last night it occurred to me that it would be interesting (one word for it) to develop an angelic language, now that Skanr has been my practice run for language construction. What I've been thinking of is a language that is Romance-like in the sense that angels use different forms of the copulative (to be) for the created world and the divine, to express the distinction they'd probably make between essence versus state. Or would they just see the entire world as a collection of things in a state of being or becoming or changing? And how would the near-infinite think about the bounded and contained, anyway? *ponders these things*

In similar SPN news, I wrote one more drabble, In terra aliena (In a Strange Land) for the [ profile] deancastiel drabble challenge.


By executive order, I have decided that on a semiregular basis (maybe every other Sunday, or however often I feel like it), I will contribute to weekend sloth and work avoidance by writing drabbles on request. When requests are open, I will note which fandoms I'm writing in; all you need to do is name your fandom, character/pairing, and prompt, and I will write 100 words of something. This post will be the prompt and response post, for purposes of consolidation.

.drabble prompts: Leave me a fandom/character/pairing and a prompt (SGA, SPN, Bones, and I guess I will take Merlin*) and I will see what I can do.


In unrelated news, Iron & Wine's The Shepherd's Dog is completely awesome and I have been listening to it obsessively.

* = I like Morgana a lot and wish something heavy would land on Uther. And I like how Arthur is kind of a jerk, but basically a decent guy. Also, I am deeply amused and, dare I say it, somewhat gratified, by the fact that the incantation languages involve Old English. A lot of this is because the Anglo-Saxons really did not like teh magics.

*le sigh* Sunday is over, alas! Drabbles closed for now.
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Today was much better than yesterday... busy, but the kind of busy that accomplishes things. Also, I saw Bones for the first time tonight and LOFFED it, omg. Bones and Booth are kind of stupidly adorable in their bickering... I'm not sure why I like watching chemistry that expresses itself through arguing and back-and-forth (Rodney and John, Sam and Dean), but I do) a;ksljdsdlkjsd;lkjsd

One minor note of irritation: WHY DO ALL MY ICONS LOOK LIKE ASS SRSLY??? *hands of frustration* I don't know what it is, but I have made and remade and finally unmade about 10 icons over the past several days, and they all look not very good at all. GRAH. Also, my icons are starting to look more and more like everyone else's, with the lightly-textured background and portrait-type subject. I like that sort of style, but I don't want to rehash the latest trend *more hands*

But here, have an LOLOWL:

Now, I am going to go and watch last night's SPN.

In the meantime, how are YOU ALL?

.eta: Wee snippet of some SGA/Bones here, because [ profile] amberlynne needs some tormenting.
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From various places on my flist:

Drop me a comment, and I'll tell you the first thing that comes into my mind when I think of you, whether it makes sense or not.

I was pretty productive this morning despite having to drag myself out of bed and despite almost falling asleep in the shower. This is pleasing to me.


.eta: Now updated with commentfic! [ profile] ladycat777 wrote some of her totally awesome Mer/John here (it continues into the next comment, it is a TWO PART COMMENTFIC HURRAH!), and I wrote a bit of subdued Dean and Castiel here for [ profile] smilla02, occasioned by Kim Manners's death. RIP, my man.
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Yay! Picspam!

.spoilers: there are a couple clips from 4.04 "Doppelganger," but they really aren't spoilery--I've cropped them to get rid of anything that might be considered as such :>

The John & Rodney Handbook
Hands. Yes.

John Sheppard has his hands tied )

.eta: with a few more in comments, which I couldn't work into the picspam proper for one reason or other. But there is one with Rodney's lovely smile that I adore to no end :>

.eta2: And oh yes, the idea for the picspam came from a Washington Post article reporting on the relationship between gestures and mathiness, and speculations on a five-year-old Rodney gesturing his way through calculus.

.eta3: snippet for [ profile] sloganeer, in which Rodney learns to appreciate John's hands a bit.

.eta4: And you MUST read [ profile] sloganeer's completely awesome response.
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Taken With You, jacket-inspired commentporn by [ profile] sheafrotherdon and [ profile] aesc (John/Rodney, ~2800 words; NC17)


Notes: Recently, some people (e.g. [ profile] sheafrotherdon, [ profile] dogeared) have discovered that if, sometime around 9pm, I'm plied with suggestive comments (along the lines of: "Doesn't Rodney look all dominant in his leather jacket?"), I will happily swap porny comments for the rest of the night. Paradoxically, this has been great for my work ethic and they've been wonderful to indulge me :>

ETA: now podficced with incredible hotness by [ profile] the_oscar_cat!

He tries for evasion, not that there’s anywhere to go, nowhere Rodney can’t find him, nowhere John can’t obsess about Rodney’s goddamn black leather jacket. )
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This is just silly. I'm not sure if it qualifies as ontology per se, but it sounds impressive, doesn't it? :>

Instigated by two people who know exactly who they are.

'You'd make a great scone.' )

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Mail Myself to You [AU]
a commentfic by [ profile] sheafrotherdon, [ profile] dogeared, and [ profile] aesc, with art by the same (John/Rodney, R)

genesis: born on the night of the HP7 release, continued after inspiration by Alice N. Persons. Because really, who doesn't love a good UPS man?

'Yes. Super. Super – super – I . . . okay, I have to go now. I have very important books to read and you are quite largely unclothed and bad for my brain.' )
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*rushes about madly*

[ profile] dogeared has posted our comment!fic, all cleaned up and proper-looking, complete with leaf-raking and dirty John drinking milk straight from the carton. Go read it!

While you're at it, read [ profile] siriaeve's absolutely beautiful Exposures, only not "read" so much as "picture," because that's what it is--a lovely series of still frames and moving images--island, beach, house, bedroom.

Also, Cory Doctorow writes one of the most coherent, unpatronizing fanfiction apologetics I've ever read. Play on, Mr. Doctorow. Excellent work.

In other news: We had a crazy storm last night, and I spent about two minutes out in it, running to my car from the library, then from my car to the front door. Lightning broke just over my head and I about had a heart attack. *shiver*
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Like the subject says, who isn't going (or depending on time zone, hasn't gone) to the midnight release?



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There are two impulses behind this picspam, which itself has two foci.

1: Between the ineffable suckiness of yesterday and the fact that my stock collection has become woefully thin in terms of images I haven't used, I decided it would be a good idea to start going through my DVDs and pulling caps as a way to cheer myself up and be productive. I started off with SGA S1 "Rising," and it occurred to me that "Rising" has Rodney in his orange fleece. Those of you who know me know I love Rodney in his orange fleece. A good portion of the caps from both parts of "Rising" are of Rodney in his orange fleece.

2: While taking a break from work earlier today, I was hunting around my stock collection for some icons for [ profile] flyakate (which made me realize how woefully thin said collection is), and I was thinking about [ profile] dogeared's and my recent exchange over John in a turtleneck and how it would drive Rodney up the wall, and so I decided, hey, I did the slink, so now it's time for some neck porn.

(It goes without saying that this is very image-heavy.)

So, pick your poison:

ETA6 to substitute!

come curl up while I explain some things )

is it hot in here, or is it just me? )

ETA: Now with vaguely pornographic but very hot musings on various McKay and Sheppard body parts and how they might interact here, here, and here.

ETA2: [ profile] chopchica has written fleece and neck-inspired porn. Go and reeeead eeet!

ETA3: [ profile] sunnyd_lite has written Rodney obsessing while John shaves. Featuring a straight razor and towel riding on John's hips.

ETA4: [ profile] lovbrick has written sorta-geisha!John! Eee! Read it read it read it!

ETA5: The awesomeness continues with [ profile] ladycat777's ficlet, in which Jeannie sees Rodney's radioactively orange fleece and much cuddling and awwwww ensue.

I love picspams! People write things because of them :)

In completely unrelated news: I just signed up for MSN the better to communicate with [ profile] smilla02, but if anyone wants to talk, I'm aesc36 when I remember to sign on.


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