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*hugs to [ profile] girlnamedpixley!*

Aside from sharpening, gaussian blurring, and one or two other things, I've never really used any of Photoshop's filters. But there is a rather simple, yet cunning, way to turn a photograph into something more painterly by using the Find Edges function under the 'Stylize' filter to get that penstroke/fine brushpoint outline effect. I tried it out on Teyla first, because 1.) Teyla is gorgeous, and 2.) the colors in this particular scene from "Kindred I" are, IMHO, some of the best in SGA, period. For a first attempt, I'm pretty happy with it!

I also revisited the 4.16 cap in my header, because of how it is awesome. The actual version is 1000px wide, and so is behind the cut.

the pearly gates have some eloquent grafitti )

Okay, no more coherence from me tonight *fallover*
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Heh, trying to add some more entries to my typography tag XD I'll post a wallpaper of this eventually, but the way it came together was weirdly... not wallpaper-friendly, so I'll have to mess around with it some more.

i'll be what I am )

In other news: Am still wibbling over SPN 4.16. Meeep.
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Okay, I can see myself becoming addicted to this thing. Not only does it make the basic work like erasing about... eleventy billion times easier to do, it means I can trace and doodle stuff and basically take what I've been playing with in my more recent graphics to the next step.

Want to see some trial sketches? Ha, yes, that's what I thought. I did one of the Impala and then one of Outcast!John, who is one of my favorite Johns of all time ♥ Both sketches are basically traces--a layer I drew into that was placed on top of the original image, with a few modifications. Because I am just not that good yet.

(imagine Castiel up there on the roof ♥)

Outcast!John behind the cut )

Probably I should get some sleep now. Probably.
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Really, how awesome was Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat? So awesome I had to spend my evening with it. These are supposed to be, kinda-sorta, vinyl album covers. *facepalm*

.previews: (all 400.400px)

soul train! )

Technically the wee previews are icons, so you can snag them if you want ♥
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It just occurred to me that one of the things on my Backlog of Stuff is linking to things what I wrote and arted over the past two months. So, here they are:

[fic] Faith Healing (John/Rodney PG13) ~11,800 words
An AU for [ profile] temaris's [ profile] sga_santa present! I completely blanked on a halfway decent title for it, which was idiotic, because the story had two sources I knew (Moby's remix of "Run On" and The Band's "WS Walcott Medicine Show") and one which I had completely forgotten until I saw it the other day (Supernatural ep "Faith," which features faith healing in a muddy field in southern Nebraska.)

Anyway, the story gave me hell but it's posted and here it is, with safe planets and Asgard and the Trust and Rodney's horrible, horrible roadtrip with Lorne, and, of course, John: Faith Healing.

[art] Arbor (Teyla, gen PG13)
Art done for [ profile] siriaeve's Teyla!fic as part of [ profile] artword's Astronomy challenge. She does write an awesome Teyla, you guys, srsly. There's team, too, but a lot of team through her eyes: Arbor.

The art is a cover, and sort of an experiment in how to do coloring with brushes and not have a decent drawing tablet. I desaturated the image of Teyla and recolored it in places using splotchy brushes of various persuasions... It took a bit, but it came out okay, I think.
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Escape Velocity (PG; John-centric gen)
by [ profile] dogeared and [ profile] aesc

Hurrah, done! This is our artword submission for the Astronomy Challenge, inspired by this photo from the Apollo 17 mission. I had been wanting to do another comic for quite some time now, and [ profile] dogeared, awesome as always, provides some beautiful words to work with, very happily looked over my shoulder and cheered me on. Sine qua non

DANGER ALERT: This is set before 5.19 "Vegas," and contains spoilers for the episode, so if you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled, do not pass the LJ cut. Also, if you have a difficult time with scruffy, disheveled John, you may want to double-check your heart medication.


He dreams of that sky, and two days later, he feels like he's still chasing it. That's the excuse he gives himself when he brings home a documentary about the last moon walk. )


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