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Like a lot of the things I do, in or out of fandom, I tried my damndest with this for a few days before throwing up my hands and saying fine, be like that! and stalking off to sulk for a couple of months. Then, last night, I was reading some extremely wonderful poetry and mid-line I thought, Oh hey, maybe this would work instead. So I went back, pulled the draft, such as it was, apart, and did this instead.

"This" is a long-promised cover for [ profile] apple_pi's totally awesome The Paradox of Vision, which you must must must MUST read. As I've said before, there's nothing in this world quite like doing art for a fabulous story... I think it's, for me, a different way of interpreting a story than the ways I usually use. Anyway. Art!

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In other news: It snowed last night, and it's slushy and gross today. Also, I was up until 3:00 or so, banging away at PhotoShop. Consequently, I am disinclined to be awake right now.
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So, like many of you I'm sure, That Scene from 5.11 is more or less lasered into my brain. The good thing about my brain is that it can edit out the stupid stupid really fucking annoying SciFi HD logo, but Photoshop takes more work. Still, caps from That Scene cry out to be used in some way, and once I got them (about four hours ago), I was helpless to do anything except sit here and Photoshop like a madwoman; this is merely the first of a couple of ideas I had as to what to do with them.

Source: This cap.

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There are few pleasures in life so sublime as making art for kick-ass stories.

For [ profile] cesperanza's very awesome Te of John and [ profile] fiercelydreamed's also very awesome Rebuilding Babel. If you haven't read either of these yet, you really really should. I will leave it at that.

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Hurray, [ profile] sgabigbang is live here! As I did last year, I contributed both fic and art, the better to plague you with.

"Bud, you can't stay here all night," the waiter said to the space captain. "You got to go."

"In a minute," the space captain said. "Let me finish, okay?"

The man had been drinking the same cup of coffee for the past hour. Postum got worse the longer it sat; it must have been like drinking wheat-flavored sludge. McKay watched as the man took another sip, hoarding it for a moment before swallowing, and this time the bitterness in McKay's mouth was the unfamiliar taste of a guilty conscience. He waved the waiter over.

"Another?" Brown and bloodshot eyes peered at him incredulously as the waiter wiped his hands on the rag stuffed into his apron. "Yes, another," McKay snapped, "because why else would I summon you over? For a massage?" He set a nickel on the counter and gestured with his chin to the space captain and his cold cup of coffee, and mouthed
for him in case the waiter didn't get it.

A Face That Nobody Knows (NC17) John/Rodney, ~44,000+ words | {link

Words aren't enough to describe the debt I owe to my betas, [ profile] fiercelydreamed, [ profile] tropes, and [ profile] villainny, who not only helped with the things I knew were wrong, but pointed out things that had entirely escaped me. What is good here is all down to them; what is deficient... well, that's me. But I will say that, despite the difficulties, this was a lot of fun to write, and quite different from what I usually do, and I hope you enjoy it :)

And smooooches and mostly-naked Olympic swimmers to [ profile] amberlynne, for the bamboozling.

Done for [ profile] cathalin's unbelievably lovely The Price That Life Exacts. I'm not linking to the art itself because it's vaguely spoilery for the story, so I'll leave the clicking up to you. But here, have a peek:

.eta: Feedback posts! They are here [for story] and here [for art]
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I started this ages ago and had to set it aside for other projects, but found it tonight when I was wandering through my art folders. SO, I decided to finish it up! It's a cover for [ profile] sheafrotherdon's awesome, beautiful, and achy Bound by Will, which you should very definitely read.

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In other news: It is possible I have a crush on Alexi Murdoch. Oh man. Also, my soundtrack lately has been all for angsty emo acoustic boys. "Blue Mind" cries out for a "Tao"-centric vid or something, for serious.
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.Lie Beside the Sea
For [ profile] artword Challenge 10: Reversed and put together to get [ profile] dogeared to write her absolutely lovely Lie Beside the Sea. Please please please go read it and tell her how awesome it is! When I read it this morning, I was so happy I can't even tell you, and I guarantee it will make you smile.

1200.900px version linked! Hugest thanks to [ profile] oxoniensis for the graphics space on her site ♥

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Pockets: Or, The Three Stages in the Relationship of John Sheppard & Rodney McKay

Submission #2 for [ profile] paintedspires (and if you haven't been there to see all the great stuff, why not?), and oh my god is it wretchedly late. I feel like a lazy, excuse-plagued idiot, especially because I've been tormenting [ profile] dogeared with this since I picked up her prompt, "what are the contents of Rodney's pockets?"

I hope the good news is that "Pockets" is a little one-page comic that can double as a wallpaper! Yes, you can have a silly story about John and Rodney being dorks plastered on your desktop, if you don't mind 1024.768 resolution. Or silly stories about John and Rodney being dorks.

.eta: I've posted the text of the image, for people who see the wisdom in not pressing their noses to their computer screens :D Whatever's in brackets isn't in the art; I added so things are a little clearer without the pictures to lean on.

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Uncounted (John/Rodney) PG

My first submission for [ profile] paintedspires (there has been a lot of awesome stuff posted already--go and see, if you haven't yet!), answering the prompt "I didn't lose my mind, it was mine to give away." A small version is under the cut, with a link to the full-res (900.1200) version following.

I also say thank you to [ profile] beadattitude, [ profile] dogeared, and [ profile] sheafrotherdon for encouragement along the way and to [ profile] summertea and [ profile] villainny for beta-viewing and providing very useful and much-needed comments. If this isn't as good as it should be, it isn't their fault.


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A couple experimental pieces, by which I mean experimental for me. One is a cover for [ profile] fiercelydreamed's really, really awesome Unidentified, and the other is a draft of a cover for the noir!AU [ profile] villainny and [ profile] amberlynne have been interested in.

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Now that I feel a bit less like I'm falling over myself, I might actually be able to do decent stuff for [ profile] paintedspires, which is a happy thing.
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.cover: While writhing in searing torment waiting for my chance to snag the episode, I ventured into Photoshop for the first time in some weeks and doodled out a cover for [ profile] sheafrotherdon's Iowa!verse fic [These Men Who Have Flown].

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I have none of my stock and have had to improvise, but I kind-of, sort-of did something like what comes up in the comment threads to this.

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Now, I am going to bed.
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A 3-page story, part of the Nantucket AU, posted at [ profile] wagoneer. It could not possibly have been done without [ profile] steammmpunk and her marvelous, marvelous art. WEE!RODNEY!

This has been about a month in the making, and... yes. :)

In other news: "This Mortal Coil"... asdlkjfkj. Oh wow.

[In RL news: We aren't talking about RL right now. *sigh* Do not want.]
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I wasn't going to post this until next week, but asdlkjf I really needed to get something out of today, you know?

comic-sort of art by [ profile] aesc (John/Rodney, Nantucket AU [index])

.notes: graphic novelesque story, a very short sequel to Contour, to wrap up the angstiness [ profile] dogeared got started with "Fall."

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And then, some art I did for the cover to [ profile] cybel's podbook of [ profile] astolat's "Tango", which you can find here.

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