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.comm! Cos it is of the pimp: go check out [ profile] sga_art! It's a new comm. for (SGA-only, subject to change) large art pieces (wallpaper, vids, traditional art... anything except icons), which have never really had one central home, but have been scattered across noticeboards and multiple-use communities. My presence on the mod list is strictly decorative... [ profile] summertea has been the organizing force behind it. So, yis, go check it out!

.seven things! Oh man. It's cold, grey, I have cramps, I'm still tired, still unable to write (anything), I do not want to go to this colloquium tomorrow, I hate that there will be a foot of snow on my car to brush off, and I just want to stay home and wish I had SciFi so I can watch John be pretty and angsty.

That's almost seven things about me, but probably not a remotely interesting seven. Like any of the following are interesting, but maybe speaking relatively, and anyway, [ profile] chebonne asked.

are there even 7 things about me? )

.Outcast! I have to share this, because... I mean, well, how can I not?

Outcast spoilers! )

.next meme! Ask me for a fannish opinion, in any fandom I've ever shown any interest in. Ask about a character, a plot point, for speculation. Ask me about some meta issue, whatever. I'm [mostly] fearless.

.songs! a song that weirdly reminds me of John and Rodney, if only for the line "Can't nobody love me like you love me," which is very true of them, I think. Also, I think Rodney would appreciate the dexterity required for the pedal guitar: Robert Randolph & The Family Band's Nobodysoul, and while we're at it, John Mayer's Gravity, which is kind of John-like, even though Mayer is but a wee young thing.

.links! YAY. My day got much better when I was finally able to read [ profile] sheafrotherdon's always perfect Iowa AU, in the form of its brand-new installment The Ballad of the Lincoln Cafe, and then there is [ profile] siriaeve's latest installment to Nantucket, Size M, 100% cotton, which is about soft, over-washed, slightly shrunken t-shirts and the boys who wear them.
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I need your help! Venture it only, though, if you are willing to be spoiled for some bits of "Miller's Crossing."

John Sheppard: guerilla clotheshorse? )
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We interrupt [ profile] aesc's comprehensive nervous breakdown to bring you more important sartorial spoilers for 4.09 "Miller's Crossing," and to give [ profile] aesc a break from freaking out.

asdlkjdflkjf! < the good kind of keyboardsmash )

In other news: Thank you so much to all of you who nominated some of my stuff for McShep Awards! And also on behalf of [ profile] dogeared and [ profile] sheafrotherdon, partners in crime in UPS!John and leather-jacket!Rodney :) :)

Now, I am going to go back to my psychotic break. Reality = DO NOT WANT.

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From Joe Mallozzi's blog, courtesy of [ profile] tx_tart, though she was so overcome she didn't post these :> They are, coincidentally, cropped to avoid character spoilers, though in the second one you do learn how long Mystery Character's hair is. (It was unavoidable! I needed the hand!)

Clearly there is a god, because s/he got the roommate & guests out of the house for the evening.

ETA: Now there are four of them. (All cropped for spoilers.)

large versions )
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this is why I love my fandom. )

*expires in fandom's arms*


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