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Title: Sketch for Cate
By: HF
Email: aesc36
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating/Warnings: PGish.
Disclaimers: Not mine.
Advertisements: Domestic happiness. Follows from this scraplet.

Notes: Back-in-the-saddle ficlet the second, written for [ profile] sheafrotherdon, who wanted McKay/Sheppard, quiet, peace, stillness, and ineptness. Hope you like it!

No title, because I honestly couldn't think of one.

“It’s great,” John says emphatically, face bright and eager and unexpectedly young. )

Next up: John Winchester!
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Title: I'm a Stranger Here Myself
By: HF
Email: aesc36
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard, preslashish
Rating/Warning: PG13 for bad words, angst
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Advertisements: Follow-up to Late Feet, from John's POV. Spoilers for "Tao of Rodney."
Word Count: 15,437

Notes: This is a quiet story.

.I'm a stranger here myself )
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Title: Late Feet
By: HF
Email: aesc36
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard preslash
Rating/Warnings: PG13. Bad words, angst, brief but mortal danger
Disclaimers: Not mine.
Advertisements: Originally written for [ profile] mz_bstone's [ profile] sga_santa present, reposted here for a couple reasons, for which see below.

Notes: Reposting "Late Feet" here so I have a copy on my own LJ, but more importantly, I've finally pulled its sequel into order, and will be posting that tomorrow, as soon as I look it over one more time.

It hits him when he’s filing away an offprint from his most recent article in The Astrophysical Journal and he hears a heavy, mortal thump upstairs. )

> I'm a Stranger Here Myself
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Title: The Over Grown Waltz
By: HF
Email: aesc36
Pairing: McShep
Rating/Warning: PG; completely harmless
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Advertisements: Meets [ profile] wordclaim50 #6 (Fluff), but is more or less a spontaneous outpouring of happiness.

Notes: The other day, [ profile] dogeared wrote a lovely bit of domestic wonderfulness, and between that and so many other things ([ profile] anna_luna's naptime art, my new default icon by [ profile] newkidfan, "The Tao of Rodney"), I'm feeling very happy and unable to make the boys sad. So, I'm trying my own hand at domestic, angst-free fic... am not very good at it, so be warned.

Links to pictures in the text!

One day, Rodney builds a telescope. )


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