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Yes, post of random!

The next challenge is up at [ profile] artword, and is ASTRONOMY, inspired by NASA's photos of the day. In the manner of cosmic matter into a black hole, I have been sucked into the archives and have spent a lot of time wishing for a spaceship, and remembering when I wanted to be an astronomer.

Living in central Florida as I did, NASA was a big part of my life--lots of field trips, and shuttles or rockets going up were always news. My first clear memory of joy or tragedy beyond my family was when Challenger exploded in 1986; I can very clearly recall standing in the kitchen, watching the shuttle break apart on our tiny TV, and realizing this was something way past my previous experiences. My dream for the future is to live in a place with no light pollution, and a telescope. (Which explains a bit of why I wrote this for [ profile] mcsmooch.)

Speaking of writing, cut for viking!boys and poll! )

Also, I just took this and I love my silly black dog:

[ profile] dogeared points out that Finn is asking "Whut r u doin?"
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.The Hmmmmpf of Rodney McKay
by [ profile] dogeared, [ profile] sheafrotherdon, [ profile] siriaeve, and me.

Yes, all four of us were bored and porny on Sunday morning, and this is what happened! Rodney is determined to be hostile and cranky when he wakes up and John takes it as a challenge.

to the fic!

Now back to doing nothing :>
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Ha! I did write one more fic this year! Mostly because of the New England Patriots, as I promised [ profile] amberlynne porn if they went 16-0. And they did, so there is porn!

.Post-Game (Nantucket AU, NC17) ~1,000 words
And then all of a sudden, with the racket of the crowd and the announcers trying to yell over it, John turns to Rodney and Rodney has about .05 seconds to think he's going to--
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Eight is enough times for Rodney to have figured out a lot about what John likes, and every touch feels like Rodney's saying, I know you. I know you, John Sheppard. John tries not to let that scare him.

[ profile] dogeared's Eighth Time, Nantucket AU; comes after The After-Effects of Sandwiches. GO AND READ IT BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING.

And also? This is the jacket John is wearing :>

In other Nantucket news, we now have a new home for all our stories, [ profile] wagoneer!

Pull up a beach chair and stay with us a while :)

.eta: and while I'm thinking of it, show your love for orange-fleece!Rodney and add orange fleece to your interests list :D :D
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I wasn't going to post this until next week, but asdlkjf I really needed to get something out of today, you know?

comic-sort of art by [ profile] aesc (John/Rodney, Nantucket AU [index])

.notes: graphic novelesque story, a very short sequel to Contour, to wrap up the angstiness [ profile] dogeared got started with "Fall."

I crashed )

And then, some art I did for the cover to [ profile] cybel's podbook of [ profile] astolat's "Tango", which you can find here.

behind the cut, largeish )
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by [ profile] sheafrotherdon and [ profile] aesc (PG13, ~1175, Nantucket AU [index])

.notes: doodled in YM while we were thinking about our favorite things.

.eta: Now with more lovely art by [ profile] almost_clara here!

Sunday afternoons absolutely rock )
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by [ profile] aesc (~ 2,000, Nantucket AU [index; follows Fine])

Notes: It started like this,
[ profile] dogeared: mmmmmmm cozy bed
[ profile] dogeared: which is making me think of cozy boys :D
[ profile] aesc: eeee yes! me too!
[ profile] aesc: I was wondering this afternoon while I was prowling around the stacks if in our ficlet John and Rodney were on *top* of the covers or under them
[ profile] aesc: because if they were underneath, I kind of imagined those white sheets slipping down John's back
[ profile] aesc: and I was so distracted that I walked right past the series of call numbers I was looking for

And then it became this. Many thanks to the wonderful [ profile] dogeared for audiencing! Even though it is not much like what you saw in YM :D

'This is good' when Rodney pushes John’s boxers down his hips and the sheets they’re under slide down John’s back as he moves over, into Rodney and Rodney arches up to meet him. )
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.Off Season
by [ profile] dogeared and [ profile] aesc (~1800, Nantucket AU [Index])

Waking up on a fall morning is like being a kid on vacation again, the day full of nothing but possibility. John stretches slowly into it...

This has made my day sooooo much more interesting.
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Fine, Nantucket AU (~480 words)

Sketch for Bead, who helped me out of my own uffdahness by asking what Nantucket Rodney would do when faced with uffdah!John. Also, she told me that there is such a thing as Green & Black's ice cream. asdlkjf *flails*

PS for Jenn: I don't really know when this takes place--it could be any time, really!

Most times John is fine. But then. )
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Life's Work (Nantucket AU, ~2500 words)

Notes: A Nantucket snippet featuring academic!Rodney (asdkljfk!) in die natale [ profile] sheafrotherdon. *snuffles* Happy birthday, Cate!

He tunes out the strange voice, tries not to think of being back home with the windows open and John slouched low in a deck chair while Rodney tells him about the universe. )
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I couldn't make myself face the angst tonight, or anything else for that matter, so I wrote this instead. :/

Like Morning Bread, John/Rodney (NC17, Nantucket AU, c. 2,200 words)

Note for [ profile] dogeared: This takes place the morning after The After-Effects of Sandwiches :>

The Wagoneer burns, metal and glass, against John's forearms but Rodney burns hotter against his mouth, the desperate, swift slide of his hands over John's cheekbones, through his hair. )

In other news: Massively catching up on comments tomorrow, I hope.
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Lightplay, John/Rodney (Nantucket AU, c. 1500 words)

Notes: More of The Picture :>

Rodney's hand on John's shoulder, traveling to touch the sun-licked nape of his neck. )

In other news: to celebrate having my website back, new layout at [ profile] discolore! Now, back to your regularly-scheduled drudgery.
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Big Sky, John/Rodney (Nantucket AU, c. 1500 words)

[PS, Jenn: This comes right after House Keys!]

Halfway down he hears the rumbly, deep tenor hum of an engine and looks up and sees it, ungainly and beautiful in the blue sky, its propellers eating the air. )

In other news: Despite the sinus headache ambush this afternoon, this has been a really great day. *beams*
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Just a small, quiet piece for [ profile] dogeared, who wanted boys in sweaters for her ficlet prompt. Nantucket AU. *curls up*

One October morning, John drags Rodney out of bed – their nice, warm bed – and takes him on a forced march down the beach. )
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Another Drop of Salt, part of [ profile] dogeared's Nantucket AU, and so many thanks to her for letting me play in it, ~900 words.

(PS, Jenn: It's not really a continuity thing, but I kind of imagine this happening some time after "Fall.")

Rodney with his head bowed, all pain and concentration )

edited: 06.10 in the interest of accuracy. Humble thanks to [ profile] korilian for pointing out the medical stuff :)
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For [ profile] dogeared, who wants to curl up with John, Rodney, and her dog, but can't :( So, curling-up-by-proxy.

Nantucket AU, domesticity, low-key happiness.

Some days, like today, the air turns to grey soup five feet past the front door. )
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McShep. Totally [ profile] dogeared's fault for making me fangirl over Rodney in glasses.

For which, see also this.

Part of Nantucket!verse. Featuring bespectacled!Rodney and dirty!John.

Rodney had refused, flatly and incontrovertibly, to let John go with him to the optometrist's that afternoon )

ETA: And I have added "rodney mckay's glasses" to my interest list. Yes, I am that obsessed. Don't look at me like that.
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Title: Some Verses
By: HF
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating/Warnings: PGish.
Disclaimers: I own nothing.
Advertisements: Piano playing.

Notes: For [ profile] dogeared, who wanted McKay/Sheppard with the prompts "blur, fluke, ache," with many thanks to her for letting me borrow her Nantucket AU. *snuggle* Hope you like it!

For the curious, the title is from Iron & Wine's "Love and Some Verses."

The piano crouches in a corner of their living room, their we-can-barely-afford-to-live-here living room, on the edge of the worst of the sun. )


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