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.Hands-On Learning (PG13) John/Rodney
Part of the Restoration Hardware AU, and takes place at some indeterminate time before More Temperate. Written as part of a small "it's Sunday morning, pick a body part" exchange with [ profile] siriaeve, [ profile] dogeared, and [ profile] sheafrotherdon; my part is "hands" :D

Now they’re on the far end of a very long Monday, and John doesn’t need to know that Rodney’s car is broken to know that Rodney’s spent the entire day fuming )
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.More Temperate (John/Rodney) ~3,690
Written for [ profile] mcsmooch. Part of the Restoration Hardware AU, and takes place about eight months or so after Office Hours.

"Maybe you should go naked under your robes," John says with a brief, sweet leer.

.icon previews! NEXT WEEK NEXT WEEK FINALLY OH MY GOD. There will also be wallpapers and such as well.

Also, I now have a tiny, sleek blue portable hard drive that will convey my 59GBs of graphics and video files (I have fifty thousand image files, people) to NH with me in a couple weeks. I've decided to call it Meredith, because of the blue.

(Oh oh oh, and happiest of happy belated/on time/advance birthdays to [ profile] ladycat777, [ profile] the_drifter, and [ profile] tropes!)
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.The Conferences (John/Rodney, PG13) ~8,000 words

.notes: Hey, more Restoration Hardware! This picks up directly after ficlet #1 also, oddly enough, called Restoration Hardware. Mostly, this is an excuse to write dithering!Rodney, because I have a deep fondness for him, and also, it's always fun to snicker at my profession.

Sheppard-centric thoughts had packed themselves in his brain, spiky-haired albatrosses of mental carry-on luggage, and along with the low-grade headache from Wednesday, they had stayed with him throughout the entire conference. )
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For reasons of economy:

1: Written for [ profile] mcsmooch: Office Hours (John/Rodney, Restoration Hardware AU), in which we learn that Rodney's second base is comprehensively stolen.

2: THEY ARE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Our fandom brings the crack, and it is good.

3: Because some of you seemed to like it, more Beokitteh, the next twenty-eight lines or so, cut for length.

Thar wuz big boat on teh beachez (not failboat)/all icy n stuffs, pimped out liek woah! )

In other news: I don't know why I haven't done this before now, but I downloaded Trillian, so I'm reliably aesc36 on MSN, Yahoo, and AIM.
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.Restoration Hardware
for [ profile] sheafrotherdon's request for a very exasperated, pantsless Rodney. Rodney is a very exasperated, pantsless professor and John is a contractor who specializes in historical buildings and architectural restoration work.

Restoration Hardware )

.Outside Woman Blues
for [ profile] gaffsie who wanted more from this AU (absolutely necessary to understand this snippet). The first bit follows directly, the second still needs to be incorporated.

Outside Woman Blues )

for [ profile] darkrosetiger and [ profile] toft_froggy, who both wanted to see some more of the monk!Rodney and viking!John AU. (Again, necessary to read the earlier installment, which this swatch immediately follows.)

Peregrinations )

.With Feathers
for [ profile] dogeared, who wanted TURKEYS.

@ sga_flashfic, whose brand-new "Not Human" challenge is, as [ profile] sheafrotherdon pointed out, as good as God saying he wants to read turkey!fic. Also, there is an in-comment sequel, featuring Rodney's fascination with orange hunting jackets.

More tonight or tomorrow! Man, you all have awesome ideas.


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