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[fic] Martha Stewart's Private Hell (PG13) John/Rodney | ~1400
Part of Roommates!verse, which means, of course, that the boys are only semi-domesticated. Still, I wrote this for [ profile] casa_mcshep, which already has a ton of wonderful domestic-type things! Martha Stewart's Private Hell.

[art] Crossroads Blues/Possession over Judgment Day
I was working on this for something else, but the larger piece wouldn't come together, and seeing as I'd already invested time and effort in it, I thought I might as well try to get a header out of the thing. There's a completely textful version, as well as a textless, and two with textual permutations. I love Dean and the blues, what can I say?

.32-20 blues )

ALSO: According to MSNBC, The Smithsonian wants to acquire Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat. Well, all I have to say is that they're gonna have to fight an Air Force pilot, astrophysicist, angel of the Lord, and Dean Fucking Winchester for it. DEATHMATCH, people. DEATHMATCH.

In other news: asd;lkjdflkj Steelers! I have no deep loyalty to them (or the Cardinals), but I kind of have a soft spot for Pittsburgh because I had a wonderful great-aunt and uncle who lived there, and the place has fond memories. Also, I think "Terrible Towel" sounds hysterical. So, yay Steelers!
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*rushes about madly*

[ profile] dogeared has posted our comment!fic, all cleaned up and proper-looking, complete with leaf-raking and dirty John drinking milk straight from the carton. Go read it!

While you're at it, read [ profile] siriaeve's absolutely beautiful Exposures, only not "read" so much as "picture," because that's what it is--a lovely series of still frames and moving images--island, beach, house, bedroom.

Also, Cory Doctorow writes one of the most coherent, unpatronizing fanfiction apologetics I've ever read. Play on, Mr. Doctorow. Excellent work.

In other news: We had a crazy storm last night, and I spent about two minutes out in it, running to my car from the library, then from my car to the front door. Lightning broke just over my head and I about had a heart attack. *shiver*
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Rush in:

For [ profile] dogeared and [ profile] sheafrotherdon, who wrote unbelievably beautiful & hot John/Rodney porn!comment!fic yesterday.

ETA: full version @ [ profile] dogeared's place! Cleaned up, but still dirty :>

I had been remarking on some extremely attractive neighbors down the street, [ profile] dogeared mentioned roommate!John-and-Rodney complete with Rodney terrifying the neighborhood and John flirting at block parties, I doodled a bit, [ profile] dogeared mentioned Rodney checking out John while he's raking their crazy old next-door neighbor's yard, and then she and [ profile] sheafrotherdron turned it into... wow *flail* I don't think anyone's leered over manuscript photocopies before.

So upon gaining a free moment last night, I had to do this.

roomies )

In other news: [ profile] mcshep_match fic is done! Only three more challenge/fic exchange assignments to go :)
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Like the subject says, who isn't going (or depending on time zone, hasn't gone) to the midnight release?





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