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I'm not entirely sure where this came from, or where it might go, but I blame this on: 1.) current RL, 2.) [ profile] steammmpunk, 3.) my kink/cliche fest prompt, 4.) everything else I should be working on.

Paris, AD 1260 or so )
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Cruelly felled by illness and then distracted by family (and now currently travelling), but I give you a few more AU swatches from this prompt post.

.Playing the Body (NC17)
for [ profile] amberlynne, because I want to kill her. Wherein Rodney should get two minutes for roughing, but John gives him something else.

Playing the Body )

.The Naturalist
for [ profile] beeej and her awesome Master & Commander art.

The Naturalist )

.The Good Sheppard
For [ profile] mklutz and a bunch of other people who wanted something along the lines of SisterAct. So, I give you lounge-singer!John and Det. McKay.

The Good Sheppard )
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.Restoration Hardware
for [ profile] sheafrotherdon's request for a very exasperated, pantsless Rodney. Rodney is a very exasperated, pantsless professor and John is a contractor who specializes in historical buildings and architectural restoration work.

Restoration Hardware )

.Outside Woman Blues
for [ profile] gaffsie who wanted more from this AU (absolutely necessary to understand this snippet). The first bit follows directly, the second still needs to be incorporated.

Outside Woman Blues )

for [ profile] darkrosetiger and [ profile] toft_froggy, who both wanted to see some more of the monk!Rodney and viking!John AU. (Again, necessary to read the earlier installment, which this swatch immediately follows.)

Peregrinations )

.With Feathers
for [ profile] dogeared, who wanted TURKEYS.

@ sga_flashfic, whose brand-new "Not Human" challenge is, as [ profile] sheafrotherdon pointed out, as good as God saying he wants to read turkey!fic. Also, there is an in-comment sequel, featuring Rodney's fascination with orange hunting jackets.

More tonight or tomorrow! Man, you all have awesome ideas.
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I've now entered the useless phase of the paper high. Twenty-two pages on one paper and it's still not done, though I desperately desperately want it to be. Feh.

So, I shall take a break and answer the five things meme from the other day. Featuring SGA, SPN, and WaT.

For [ profile] dogeared: "Five (mis)adventures John and Rodney had at the cabin in Maine." bats! moose! blizzards! )

For [ profile] flyakate: "Five times Sam was proud to be a Winchester." chronology )

ETA: And "Five Times John and Rodney Have a Moment Not Precipitated by Near Death and/or Hypoglycemia." no near death or low blood sugar )

For [ profile] mardia and [ profile] smeggin_amyk: "Five Ways Martin Plans To Kill Elena, And How Victor Helps." clowns and mad scientists )

And for [ profile] mardia: "Five People That Fell For Rodney McKay Without Him Figuring It Out." mind/body; dualism )

In other news: A WEEK LEFT OF CLASS OH MY GOD. *fallover*

Speaking of being slow on the uptake, is there a sort of clearing house for challenge announcements? Because the first I heard of the MASSIVELY HUGE remix challenge was when everything was released, and the same is true with a lot of other things (like the R/T thing-a-thon), and I feel very stupid, slow, and out of the loop. But then, this is not new. *is very leaden*
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Two scraplets of fic to prove to myself I can indeed write something that isn't an article review or a proposal for something.

scraplet 1: McKay/Sheppard
Written as commentfic for [ profile] dogeared's post of a really lovely David Ray poem. You can, if you want, construe this as a possible future following from I'm a Stranger Here Myself, but it really can happen after, well... almost anything. Very domestic and, dare I say it, happy.

in which there will be an old house next to the sea )

scraplet 2: Dean
Written because I rewatched "Heart" before going to bed last night and was all wibbly and stuff. Quite introspective, and maybe not Dean at all, but I got to thinking.

blank spaces )

scraplet 3: More McKay/Sheppard
Originally written for [ profile] sheafrotherdon's kissing commentfic challenge, reposted here for packrat purposes. More happiness.

lazy mornings )


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