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I wasn't intending to spam today (one more thing tonight and then that's it, I swear), but this is something very ridiculous I doodled for [ profile] cesperanza, a scrap from the sensationalist memoir In the Halls of the Ancients, as described here.

The angel of history is a voyeur and likes unauthorized biographies.

Iram Nos once wrote, 'You who write, seek the truth in all things.' And when I found John Sheppard and Rodney McKay in a clinch in a far-flung corner of Atlantis, I knew I had found it, and so much more. )

.eta: Excerpt from Chapter 10. Threesome?
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I have had a terrible time with writing the things I'm supposed to be writing, and to help me the brilliant [ profile] dogeared suggested that I do something maybe a little bit weird and a little bit different to see if I can't get myself back on track. Because I'm not a very adventurous person, I thought I would revisit the manuscripts from [ profile] cesperanza's Written by the Victors; although I haven't thought much about them for a while, I remember how much fun they were to put together, and they're fannish but not quite fic, and kind of amusing to do in that they let me laugh at myself a bit.

And even if it doesn't work and my mind still locks up when confronted with stuff that must be written, at least I had fun. Right? Right?

[Note: for stuff on the language, see here and here.]

notate insipientes/morons, this is for you )
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First, so many thanks to everyone who responded to Se Narsaugir. I'm all verklempt! This has been so much fun for me, to get to be an academic and a fangirl all at once.

Many of you wanted to know about Iohannes Cash, and so by way of thank you for your wonderful replies, here is the manuscript, text, and commentary for the so-called Cash Poem in the Liant codex.

Once again, this couldn't have been done without [ profile] cesperanza's Written by the Victors and the support she's given my odd little commentary-type ventures into her universe. [ profile] sheafrotherdon has recorded the Skani translation of the poem (links to which are in the commentary), and huge, amazed hugs to her for that, as well as Y!M handholding and cheerleading.

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine / amcaraugne as imbras naran )

further notes )
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Inspired by possibly one of the greatest things I have ever read, [ profile] cesperanza's Written by the Victors, and so it goes without saying you need to read that in order to understand the context of this. For that matter, you simply need to read it, whether you come back here or not.

Having said that, I'm not sure what you would call what follows. It isn't fanfic precisely, but neither is it (I don't think) metafic. John, Rodney, Atlantis--they're all there, but read back through time, through the filters of history, language, literature, and change in something that I can only hope approaches the way that "Written by the Victors" so brilliantly evoked these things for me. So in that sense, it's a companion piece to an idea, I suppose, a hesitant exploration of the amazing world and time [ profile] cesperanza has given to us.

Very many thanks to her for allowing me to post this, and many thanks to [ profile] sheafrotherdon for audiencing and encouraging me to heretofore unknown boldness.

ETA: Now read out loud, very beautifully (in the original and translation) by [ profile] sheafrotherdon [here]

ETA2: Now not only read out loud, but sung! [ profile] sheafrotherdon has recorded a very lovely [madrigal-inspired version], and [ profile] fleurrochard's beautiful [chant rendition].

Sheppard (city-lord) seeks against / the wide-ravaging Wraith / power to protect, preserve )

further notes on language and the manuscript )


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