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Hokay! I'm still really annoyed with myself at forgetting to upload my Doppelganger stuff before I left, but I am so dedicated that I watched the episode again and pulled more caps and wrote up ficturespam for it. Yesh, such hardship I endure... But seriously, HOW AWESOME was this episode?

*sacrifices firstborn to Robert Cooper*

On the images: Some of these are experiments in color and lighting correction, so they may not match the color/lighting you remember from the episode. (I love my show, I really, really do, but the color filters drive me a bit nuts.) As is the case with all of my ficturespams, any/all graphics are free for the taking, and for whatever nefarious purpose you can devise.

Also, there are a few icons at the end.

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Firstly, thank you so much to the anonymous person who sent me a Sheppardcat! He is adoooorable!

Secondly, I usually picspam when I'm cranky, and I was cranky earlier today because of productivity and futility issues, though Sheppardcat has made me happy, as has talking to [ profile] summertea, [ profile] dogeared, and [ profile] sheafrotherdon. Still, though, I bring you intense! and focused!John picspam, because really, he was way too hot in "Reunion" for his own good. Or mine, for that matter.

Like the last one, this has a bit of fic woven into it. Ficturespam!

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Yay! Picspam!

.spoilers: there are a couple clips from 4.04 "Doppelganger," but they really aren't spoilery--I've cropped them to get rid of anything that might be considered as such :>

The John & Rodney Handbook
Hands. Yes.

John Sheppard has his hands tied )

.eta: with a few more in comments, which I couldn't work into the picspam proper for one reason or other. But there is one with Rodney's lovely smile that I adore to no end :>

.eta2: And oh yes, the idea for the picspam came from a Washington Post article reporting on the relationship between gestures and mathiness, and speculations on a five-year-old Rodney gesturing his way through calculus.

.eta3: snippet for [ profile] sloganeer, in which Rodney learns to appreciate John's hands a bit.

.eta4: And you MUST read [ profile] sloganeer's completely awesome response.
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Oh, goodness.

I've been trapped inside most of the day because it's a home game in Universityville today and there are thousands of people infesting the streets. It's just as well, I suppose, because the dog got stung by something that has his poor face swollen and itchy and now has him slightly stoned on Benadryl and looking very pathetic.

I also spent part of the day, after being swamped in utter boredom by today's work, flipping through "Condemned" (aka God's Gift to the SGA Fangirl) and pulling a few caps of John in his very marvelous Zip-Up Shirt of Hot. There are only a few because the caps I really wanted were in scenes that were either dark or had him moving very quickly/stealthily and I couldn't get them to turn out as well as I would have liked.

But hey, they have John's Zip-Up Shirt of Hot. And also, because I couldn't resist (who could?) some worky!Rodney arm porn.

my zip-up shirt, let me show you it )

Now I have to find some other means of procrastinating and killing time. Hm.

ETA: I have found it, in the form of post-"Condemned" porn for [ profile] beadattitude. Posted as an ETA because I'm too lazy to post two separate comments.

This is, so you know, NC17.

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