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Man, having ideas and no time/energy sucks ass. Here are three things I would be working on if I had the time and energy to do so, and a piece of art that I was originally doing with another purpose in mind but ended up being... this.

stuff what's been on my mind: futurefic, SPN/Generation Kill, medieval AU )

.art: Roof! (an artfic outtake)

This is an outtake from another "Time and materials" project. It will probably not appear in the actual piece because what I want to do is completely different from this, but Cas kind of sneaked in there, sneaky trenchcoated angel. I have an inordinate fondness for Cas hanging out on the roof in fic, and I have kind of been wanting to see it in art for a while.

So here it is! )
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HA, so, yesterday I posted a draft version of my cyberpunk piece for the Dean/Cas AU/Fusion challenge, thinking there was no chance whatsoever I would be able to finish it any time soon. WELL GUESS WHAT. I finished it last night, more or less completely by accident. Thank you, Google image search!

It occurred to me that I should also make a tag for black and white art, since I have been doing so much of it lately. At least, I think the last two things I've done have been b&w. Oh, I'm so monochromatic! So now there is a tag for my b&w art.

Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting to .eta: The full-size versions of these are REALLY REALLY BIG, and so are linked under their more moderately-sized counterparts.

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*hugs to [ profile] girlnamedpixley!*

Aside from sharpening, gaussian blurring, and one or two other things, I've never really used any of Photoshop's filters. But there is a rather simple, yet cunning, way to turn a photograph into something more painterly by using the Find Edges function under the 'Stylize' filter to get that penstroke/fine brushpoint outline effect. I tried it out on Teyla first, because 1.) Teyla is gorgeous, and 2.) the colors in this particular scene from "Kindred I" are, IMHO, some of the best in SGA, period. For a first attempt, I'm pretty happy with it!

I also revisited the 4.16 cap in my header, because of how it is awesome. The actual version is 1000px wide, and so is behind the cut.

the pearly gates have some eloquent grafitti )

Okay, no more coherence from me tonight *fallover*
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Okay, I can see myself becoming addicted to this thing. Not only does it make the basic work like erasing about... eleventy billion times easier to do, it means I can trace and doodle stuff and basically take what I've been playing with in my more recent graphics to the next step.

Want to see some trial sketches? Ha, yes, that's what I thought. I did one of the Impala and then one of Outcast!John, who is one of my favorite Johns of all time ♥ Both sketches are basically traces--a layer I drew into that was placed on top of the original image, with a few modifications. Because I am just not that good yet.

(imagine Castiel up there on the roof ♥)

Outcast!John behind the cut )

Probably I should get some sleep now. Probably.


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