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You guys you guys even if you don't watch SPN, you really really really need to check out [personal profile] newkidfan's completely, totally, and in all other ways amazing vid!

Family business (Dean/Cas) PG13/R
AU vid, in which... damn it, just saying "Dean is an FBI agent and Cas is an assassin on a mission" doesn't do the concept justice. But I will say that I knew for a fact it would make [profile] 22by7 and [personal profile] trinityofone very happy, and the only thing that would make me happier is if this actually existed as a series. Because, yes.

My very minor contributions were the title and the cover art. You can see the full-sized piece at Mel's, but I will put it here as well for my own reference.

he put on the garment of vengeance )


.in other news: I'll try to have some kind of brief write-up of 5.22, along with a Casifesto update very soon. Right now my brain is kind of distracted with the distressing amount of work I have to do before I go home for the summer, and trying not to give into the urge to do the Dean/Cas BigBang, because it's not like I don't have ten million other things to do gaaah.
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SORT-OF HURRAY! I spent part of my evening performing the unenjoyable but necessary task of moving some of my major art pieces over to oxoniensis' place. Most of my recent art is there now; as I get the chance, I will move more stuff over there, so slowly most of the Photobucket error images will vanish.

To celebrate, I spent the evening watching "Monster Movie," and decided that the scene just after Dean's rescued Jamie and they're in the bar, and he's explaining monsters to her... Something needed to be done with that, because it's beautifully shot and lit. It's also, as you may notice, in black and white, which means... yup. Noir.

I'm still not sure how I'm going to tell the story. On one hand, I have the plot worked out in some detail (thank you, Nny!), but I rather like the allusive quality of random images from the story. Eh. Will think about it.

The picspam that started this whole thing is here

two men sit in a bar )

.meme! Stolen from perspi! And it's vaguely related to the not-quite-story above!

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.

It looks like fun, and I don't want to work on my dissertation abstract tomorrow... SO.
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Religo (Bind) (Dean/Castiel) Rish, dark side
For the "bondage (held down)" prompt on my kink_bingo card. This is possibly not very kinky, depending on your interpretation, but the R is there for some hinted violence, although in my head everything is consensual... just kind of messed up.

me religa, ut videam )

.in other news: Meh, I have jury duty next week. My plan to get out of being selected for an actual jury involves suggesting to the prosecuting and defending attorneys that trial by ordeal, involving the accused reaching into a boiling vat of water to retrieve a burning-hot iron rod and then waiting to see if the resulting burn will fester, is a preferable form of jurisprudence. Trial by combat would also be more entertaining, especially if it involved an obstacle course. I'll let you know how that goes.

Also, I'm now officially tired of summer. I want it to be fall so I can be on fellowship and have more money, and so I can have new episodes of SPN and Bones. Of course, once fall comes I have to start postdoc applications and job applications and do not want. Damn it.
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I've spent the past several weeks working away at my Sweet Charity fic, and I've found myself listening to the same music over and over again. This is a writing mix, not necessarily a fic mix--it doesn't tell a story so much as show you what I listen to, sometimes, when I'm writing. (Actually, all of my mixes do that, heh.) Lately I've been on an instrumental kick of all different kinds--classical, modern, post-rock, totally random stuff, and some of it seemed to come together quite nicely into a mixy sort of thing for Castiel. The instrumentals are bracketed by two a capella pieces, Rachmaninov's setting of Psalm 103/4 from Op 37 (Vespers) and my absolute favorite Renaissance piece, Thomas Tallis's motet Spem in alium.

The title plays with a notion insight2 mentioned to me, regarding angels, voices, and exploding glass, the vox divina and all that. So.... What happens when an angel can't speak?

sine uoce, angelus non sum [Voiceless, I'm no angel] )

.art: And I wake up blind, like my dreams were too bright
Cover for strangeandcharm's lovely fic, which you can read here. It has so much I love--mindfuckery, Castiel, Jimmy, confusion, angst, pain, and an ohmyheart ending.

and I wake up blind, like my dreams were too bright )
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Oh hai, actual content! Lots of actual content, for that matter. I can't believe it.

Two art things today, both for requests. There may even be fic later this week, if I can get things to cooperate.

Annwn (Merlin, Arthur)
A one-page comic for hilarytamar's winning Sweet Charity bid. It's the first piece of Merlin art I've done, and one of my few attempts at telling a story about them, so I hope it works ♥

and when we went with Arthur, glorious difficulty )

No other pinions (Dean/Castiel)
Done for kira_bouviea, in fulfilment her Dean/Castiel Co-Op Swap request of a wallpaper with the text "Wings? Oh not for me, I need no other pinions than the beating of my heart within my breast." There are bunches of different sizes too!

Wings? Oh not for me )

In other news: As I said, maybe fic later this week. I also emailed a truly spectacularly idiotic chapter draft to my advisor. We'll see how that goes.
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[personal profile] thandie asked for a wallpaper from the cover art to the Apocalypse for Beginners mix. I post it here for the curious and general ganking, and if you would like a larger resolution, let me know the size and I will gladly customize ♥♥

we will go nowhere we know / 'til we find our one and all )
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*hugs to [ profile] girlnamedpixley!*

Aside from sharpening, gaussian blurring, and one or two other things, I've never really used any of Photoshop's filters. But there is a rather simple, yet cunning, way to turn a photograph into something more painterly by using the Find Edges function under the 'Stylize' filter to get that penstroke/fine brushpoint outline effect. I tried it out on Teyla first, because 1.) Teyla is gorgeous, and 2.) the colors in this particular scene from "Kindred I" are, IMHO, some of the best in SGA, period. For a first attempt, I'm pretty happy with it!

I also revisited the 4.16 cap in my header, because of how it is awesome. The actual version is 1000px wide, and so is behind the cut.

the pearly gates have some eloquent grafitti )

Okay, no more coherence from me tonight *fallover*
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I've been listening to Iron & Wine's The Shepherd's Dog a lot lately, and I really love the album's opening track, "Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car." Sometimes earworms manifest themselves in art... I'm waiting for the day "All the Single Ladies" ends up controlling a piece of McKay/Sheppard. It's inevitable. Originally the piece was going to be completely different, but the typography came out of nowhere. Now there are a couple pieces, one with just the typography and a couple of wallpapers yay! Walls are one of those things where, if you're doing large art, you might as well make a wallpaper while you're at it.

my love is one made to break every bended knee )
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I don't think I'll ever get tired of making cover art for brilliant stories.

[personal profile] pandarus just finished up her totally awesome, breathtaking fic, The Consequences of Falling. (Link goes to the last part.) It's Dean/Castiel, and it's everything I love in fic: hot, angsty, gorgeous, with prose that goes down sweet and smooth.

gravity wants to bring me down )

In other news: BONES TONIGHT BONES TONIGHT BONES TONIGHT! Excuse me while I race around stupidly and happily... it's nice to have a show again. A show that is not on hiatus *looks meaningfully at SPN* Also, I have decided, in agreement with [personal profile] sheafrotherdon, that Sweets and Caroline are totally in cahoots. They go out for bright pink drinks with umbrellas in them and plot ways to get Booth and Brennan together. Yes.

In other other news: Uff, I wrote about six pages of dissertation material yesterday. Six pages is a lot for me when it comes to anything that isn't fic, but I was still somewhat surprised when I got home and tried to write bits of the current fic projects and I managed a grand total of... one paragraph. Sigh. RL, it's bad for your fandom :(
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Sight (PG13) Dean, Castiel | 1 page
In a way this is [ profile] cathexys's fault, although I'm not sure how... I think she mentioned manipping, and my brain took it from there, that's probably it. "Sight" comes from a snippet of a story I've been working on that I couldn't quite manage to fit into the actual plot... so it's an outtake, if you will.

The first time he sees gold and sparkly crap in the corner of his eye, he tries to rub it away. )
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[fic] Martha Stewart's Private Hell (PG13) John/Rodney | ~1400
Part of Roommates!verse, which means, of course, that the boys are only semi-domesticated. Still, I wrote this for [ profile] casa_mcshep, which already has a ton of wonderful domestic-type things! Martha Stewart's Private Hell.

[art] Crossroads Blues/Possession over Judgment Day
I was working on this for something else, but the larger piece wouldn't come together, and seeing as I'd already invested time and effort in it, I thought I might as well try to get a header out of the thing. There's a completely textful version, as well as a textless, and two with textual permutations. I love Dean and the blues, what can I say?

.32-20 blues )

ALSO: According to MSNBC, The Smithsonian wants to acquire Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat. Well, all I have to say is that they're gonna have to fight an Air Force pilot, astrophysicist, angel of the Lord, and Dean Fucking Winchester for it. DEATHMATCH, people. DEATHMATCH.

In other news: asd;lkjdflkj Steelers! I have no deep loyalty to them (or the Cardinals), but I kind of have a soft spot for Pittsburgh because I had a wonderful great-aunt and uncle who lived there, and the place has fond memories. Also, I think "Terrible Towel" sounds hysterical. So, yay Steelers!
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Really, how awesome was Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat? So awesome I had to spend my evening with it. These are supposed to be, kinda-sorta, vinyl album covers. *facepalm*

.previews: (all 400.400px)

soul train! )

Technically the wee previews are icons, so you can snag them if you want ♥
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So apparently, as I told [profile] smilla02 last night, I really really like SPN's Castiel a whole lot. I'm not sure why, maybe because SPN angels would totally smite the inspirational angel literature section in WalMart, or maybe because, as Eric Close and David Hewlett demonstrate, I am a hopeless sucker for men with pretty, pretty blue eyes. *is sad*

Anyway, I spent some of yesterday and part of last night hopped up on cold medicine and parts of SPN S4. Here is what came of it:

[art] Castiel
A wallpaper (1024.768), with textless and textful variants, as well as a b&w set because, well, it seems like if you have a guy in a trenchcoat, you need to be thinking in greyscale. The text in the second version is from an 11th century poem by Yishaq ben Mar-Saul. Clicking on the thumbnails will take you straight to the large version.*

perdition, +3 variations )

[fic] Dialogus angelorum (Castiel, Uriel G) ~1,000
Just a tiny bit of Castiel character study, because I like him a lot but still need to figure him out. Takes place at some point after 4.10.

'You,' Uriel says in the voice he saves for pronouncing doom upon the sinful, 'have been thinking again, Castiel.' )


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