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Making it up (girl!Dean/Cas) NC17 | 2,500
A follow-up to As we go along, in which there is SEX SEX SEX. God, I love Deanna. A lot.

That night, the Victorian widow goes down swinging. )

.in other news: Okay, I am gone for a few days. I AM VERY ANXIOUS ABOUT THE FINALE, but I guess you guys knew that already. Stay strong, no matter what happens! *clings to you all*
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As we go along (girl!Dean/Cas) PG13 | 2,400
Quite some time ago, I swore to insight2 and several other people that I would write girl!Dean. Well, the other day, 22by7 asked for something to do with Deanna, Cas, and going for ice cream, and I girded my loins and wrote this. It's always-a-girl!Dean, who, let's be honest, is awesome. Post-war, some references to 5.02 and 5.04, with kissing.

The world didn't end, and sometimes that freaks her out. )
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Posting the first part of this because I have had an utterly craptastic week, and would like something to show for it. The second part should be up tomorrow or Saturday ♥

The thing with feathers (Dean, Sam, Castiel) PG | ~7,020 (this chapter)
This is possibly the most toxically cute thing I have ever written. It has wee!Winchesters and it is a fusion/reworking of Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro. A while ago, Mel introduced it to me as a movie that never fails to lift your spirits after a lousy day. And damn it, she's right; every time I'm feeling down and cranky and fed up about the world, one viewing takes the edge off, enough for me to be human again. While I was watching it for the first time, between the oohing and awwwwing, I observed to Mel that Satsuki (the older sister) is rather a bit like a cheerful version of Dean, watching over her adventurous and stubborn younger sister, Mei (i.e. Sam) while their father is away teaching at the university (or hunting demons). There's a powerful spirit who lives in the forest behind their house. Things developed from there.

You don't need to know the movie to follow this; some things had to be adjusted for the... darker, Winchesterian outlook on the world and all things supernatural, but I really recommend you get a hold of it. It's a lovely, simple, cheerful story.

The wow is for an oak that towers over all the other trees, the green of its leaves richer and darker, glossy against the sky. A few birds, dark arrows against the blue and the clouds, swoop and circle on the high currents before flying into the safety of its branches. The thing is huge, living, old and a lot of other things Dean's nine-year-old brain can't quite wrap around, like it's been there forever and the entire forest grew up around it. All the other trees crouch at its feet, almost, the oak standing head and shoulders taller than the rest of them, the crown spreading out and the breeze tugging it this way and that. )
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Woot, weekend trifecta! I met three of my goals this weekend: to write fic, to get in a decent run, and to make awesome stuff in the kitchen. Here is the fic:

.sga: The night before book club (John/Rodney) PG13
A snippet from an AU dogeared and I tossed around a while ago, wherein Rodney joins a book group in order to get some action. (It was an act of desperation, we think.) You can find it here, with some other awesome stuff from Cate's sammich/beds/making out fest.

.spn: Run on (Dean/Castiel) NC17
Another AU snippet, something else that Melface and I thought about. In it, Castiel and Dean are on the run from evil corporate-types, and all that adrenaline and tension has to go somewhere, finally. Here is where it goes, specifically. Written for Porn Battle VIII.

the run and the food )
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Breakfast for Dinner; or Other Entries in the Liber miraculorum (Dean/Castiel) PG) | ~2,220
Just a ridiculous bit of nothing much I doodled out for [personal profile] unamaga a while ago in AIM, polished because [profile] insight2 reminded me of the merits of happy endings, and I really need a break from the angst and gloom and pain. As such, there's not much in the way of spoilers... call it part of some soonish, but not-quite-so-bleak future.

Dean isn’t entirely sure if planning to introduce Castiel to the miracle that is breakfast for dinner (seriously, bacon and egg sandwich at seven at night? Heaven can't possibly trump that) counts as a good deed in some circles.  )
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This Wide Night cut for 4.20-related spoilers )
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Oooof, big writing night! Now to turn some of this mojo into writing, say, my dissertation *sigh*

A day of salt and newspapers John/Rodney (R) | ~2,960 words
The second fic in the selmelier!Rodney AU (which now has its own tag!), in which John strives to instruct Rodney in the virtues of good customer service. Written for [community profile] mcsmooch

Blooded with the spirit of a god Dean/Castiel (PG13) | 690 words
A commentfic for a [community profile] deancastiel flash-comment challenge, using the prompt words "ichor, devilish [which I left out, heh], outmatch, adequate." Castiel fears he's not enough and gives Dean one more weapon to use to keep Sam safe.

In other news: Death Cab for Cutie's "Brothers in a Hotel Bed" and "Stable Song" are kind of destroying me. We had the first tulip of spring in our garden today, bright red and very happy to bloom. As the tree outside my study window indicates, the trees are lasciviously and promiscuously fornicating now.

What this means: The amount of sinus- and allergy-related whining on this LJ is probably going to increase. You have been warned.
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A geometry for spirits (Castiel/Dean, Anna; PG13) ~1758
Inspired by some stuff in 4.16, indicated in notes which are at the end of the fic due to spoilers. A bit of language!kink too, because I seriously can't help myself. Possibly this is pre-Castiel/Dean, but I am going to slash it all the way.

'Angels have their own script,' he murmurs, close against Dean's mouth. Dean trembles against him, for the knowledge or Castiel being so close, Castiel can't say. )
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Probably this is [ profile] insight2's fault, but while I was brushing my teeth last night it occurred to me that it would be interesting (one word for it) to develop an angelic language, now that Skanr has been my practice run for language construction. What I've been thinking of is a language that is Romance-like in the sense that angels use different forms of the copulative (to be) for the created world and the divine, to express the distinction they'd probably make between essence versus state. Or would they just see the entire world as a collection of things in a state of being or becoming or changing? And how would the near-infinite think about the bounded and contained, anyway? *ponders these things*

In similar SPN news, I wrote one more drabble, In terra aliena (In a Strange Land) for the [ profile] deancastiel drabble challenge.


By executive order, I have decided that on a semiregular basis (maybe every other Sunday, or however often I feel like it), I will contribute to weekend sloth and work avoidance by writing drabbles on request. When requests are open, I will note which fandoms I'm writing in; all you need to do is name your fandom, character/pairing, and prompt, and I will write 100 words of something. This post will be the prompt and response post, for purposes of consolidation.

.drabble prompts: Leave me a fandom/character/pairing and a prompt (SGA, SPN, Bones, and I guess I will take Merlin*) and I will see what I can do.


In unrelated news, Iron & Wine's The Shepherd's Dog is completely awesome and I have been listening to it obsessively.

* = I like Morgana a lot and wish something heavy would land on Uther. And I like how Arthur is kind of a jerk, but basically a decent guy. Also, I am deeply amused and, dare I say it, somewhat gratified, by the fact that the incantation languages involve Old English. A lot of this is because the Anglo-Saxons really did not like teh magics.

*le sigh* Sunday is over, alas! Drabbles closed for now.
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<--check out Mr. Nigel Murray there. He is WISE, my friends, wise like a crazy owl. In fact, he totally knew the answers to the five things meme, as posed by [ profile] insight2.

Finn, Uriel, language, fleeces, and Moleskines! )

In fannish news: I wroted a drabble for the [ profile] deancastiel drabble fire challenge, Secretum secretorum (The Secret of Secrets), featuring Dean, Castiel, and the Impala ♥

Also, I will confess to watching a few episodes of Merlin. So far, I am prepared to grant that Merlin is adorable (aside from the hair, oh my god please change the hair), Gwen is lovely, and Arthur needs a swift kick in the pants. Also, it is not as boring as 99% of the Arthurian stuff I've been exposed to in my life... Probably this is a bad thing for a medievalist to admit, but most Arthurian literature puts me to sleep. The majority of the Morte Darthur makes me catatonic, except for the part where Lancelot gropes the open, bleeding wounds of an injured knight. Heh heh heh, wound-groping.

In other news: To quote the BBC Pride and Prejudice, "Damn tedious waste of an evening!" I had to go out for drinks tonight, which is usually not bad, but this time it was because I didn't know anyone outside of two people, and all the people I didn't know happened to be Law and Business Students. We had nothing to talk about and very little in common. ("So... you want to research medieval literature, huh?" "You're trying to get a job as an investment banker in this economy, huh?") So, I had a glass of wine, made one of the people I knew very sorry he had asked me to come, and left.

Also, all the cretins were out on the road tonight. WTF is up with that? I arrived at the bar red-faced with shouting unheard threats, advice, and curses at the morons I encountered on the way.
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The Beginning of Wisdom (PG13) Dean/Castiel | ~1900
A sequel to my Porn Battle fic, What Is Next to Godliness. In which Dean introduces Castiel to one of mankind's greatest inventions.

Get ready to experience tingling relaxation and ease, my friend )
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From various places on my flist:

Drop me a comment, and I'll tell you the first thing that comes into my mind when I think of you, whether it makes sense or not.

I was pretty productive this morning despite having to drag myself out of bed and despite almost falling asleep in the shower. This is pleasing to me.


.eta: Now updated with commentfic! [ profile] ladycat777 wrote some of her totally awesome Mer/John here (it continues into the next comment, it is a TWO PART COMMENTFIC HURRAH!), and I wrote a bit of subdued Dean and Castiel here for [ profile] smilla02, occasioned by Kim Manners's death. RIP, my man.
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First, thank you to all those who commented on and enabled my weirdness re: Aretha Franklin's hat on Friday. ILU FANDOM.

Second, I wrote a couple of wee ficlets today!

Supernatural (PG13) John/Rodney | ~830 words
[AU, set after "The Eye"] Written for [ profile] mcsmooch. John is a _____ and Rodney is a ______. (And this, as they say, is a fic of crack.) A bit out of my usual way: I DID IT EVEN THOUGH AMBER THOUGHT I WOULDN'T HA HA HA!

What Is Next to Godliness (NC17) Dean/Castiel | ~500 words
Written for PORN BATTLE VII over at [ profile] oxoniensis. I picked "laundry," because for some reason I have a fondness for laundromat/laundry room sex0rs. Don't ask me why: Angels have victory sex too?

In other news: I've realized that all my story ideas start coming right when I really need to get back to work. Unfair.

.eta: One of the most adorable ficlets I have ever ever ever read, oh my god ♥♥♥ [ profile] dogeared is made of wonderful things!
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The Old World (PG13) ?John/Rodney; Dean, Sam, Castiel | ~ 10,890
Okay, so I wrote the first version of this ages and ages ago for [ profile] randomeliza, but writing gift!fic always alarms me and I never feel quite happy with it. So, I set it aside and let it sit and sit and sit for a very long time, and pretty much forgot about its existence until I was hunting through my Folder of Random Unfinished Things and brought it up from the depths. It seemed sort of sad to let 7,000 words go to waste, so I edited the piece and updated the canon for my own edification and now, I bring it to you!

"The Old World" is, for the canon-savvy, set at some point before the fallout from events in 5.19 in SGA and some time after 4.10 in SPN, although I've tried to set up explanations so you don't need to know canon for both shows in detail... Really, the fic now is kind of an excuse to fuse some of the Stargate canon with scriptural pseudoepigraphia and apocrypha, because I find that way too fun not to do. (One final note: It occurs to me that this has probably been done at least ten times in the vastness of SGA and SPN fandoms. Forgive me?)

She's twenty feet from the store and a few steps from her car when she sees him, the old man. 'Mister?' she asks. 'Mister, you okay?' )
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So apparently, as I told [profile] smilla02 last night, I really really like SPN's Castiel a whole lot. I'm not sure why, maybe because SPN angels would totally smite the inspirational angel literature section in WalMart, or maybe because, as Eric Close and David Hewlett demonstrate, I am a hopeless sucker for men with pretty, pretty blue eyes. *is sad*

Anyway, I spent some of yesterday and part of last night hopped up on cold medicine and parts of SPN S4. Here is what came of it:

[art] Castiel
A wallpaper (1024.768), with textless and textful variants, as well as a b&w set because, well, it seems like if you have a guy in a trenchcoat, you need to be thinking in greyscale. The text in the second version is from an 11th century poem by Yishaq ben Mar-Saul. Clicking on the thumbnails will take you straight to the large version.*

perdition, +3 variations )

[fic] Dialogus angelorum (Castiel, Uriel G) ~1,000
Just a tiny bit of Castiel character study, because I like him a lot but still need to figure him out. Takes place at some point after 4.10.

'You,' Uriel says in the voice he saves for pronouncing doom upon the sinful, 'have been thinking again, Castiel.' )
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I've now entered the useless phase of the paper high. Twenty-two pages on one paper and it's still not done, though I desperately desperately want it to be. Feh.

So, I shall take a break and answer the five things meme from the other day. Featuring SGA, SPN, and WaT.

For [ profile] dogeared: "Five (mis)adventures John and Rodney had at the cabin in Maine." bats! moose! blizzards! )

For [ profile] flyakate: "Five times Sam was proud to be a Winchester." chronology )

ETA: And "Five Times John and Rodney Have a Moment Not Precipitated by Near Death and/or Hypoglycemia." no near death or low blood sugar )

For [ profile] mardia and [ profile] smeggin_amyk: "Five Ways Martin Plans To Kill Elena, And How Victor Helps." clowns and mad scientists )

And for [ profile] mardia: "Five People That Fell For Rodney McKay Without Him Figuring It Out." mind/body; dualism )

In other news: A WEEK LEFT OF CLASS OH MY GOD. *fallover*

Speaking of being slow on the uptake, is there a sort of clearing house for challenge announcements? Because the first I heard of the MASSIVELY HUGE remix challenge was when everything was released, and the same is true with a lot of other things (like the R/T thing-a-thon), and I feel very stupid, slow, and out of the loop. But then, this is not new. *is very leaden*
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Two scraplets of fic to prove to myself I can indeed write something that isn't an article review or a proposal for something.

scraplet 1: McKay/Sheppard
Written as commentfic for [ profile] dogeared's post of a really lovely David Ray poem. You can, if you want, construe this as a possible future following from I'm a Stranger Here Myself, but it really can happen after, well... almost anything. Very domestic and, dare I say it, happy.

in which there will be an old house next to the sea )

scraplet 2: Dean
Written because I rewatched "Heart" before going to bed last night and was all wibbly and stuff. Quite introspective, and maybe not Dean at all, but I got to thinking.

blank spaces )

scraplet 3: More McKay/Sheppard
Originally written for [ profile] sheafrotherdon's kissing commentfic challenge, reposted here for packrat purposes. More happiness.

lazy mornings )
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Title: The Chapter of Not Dying a Second Time
By: HF
Email: aesc36
Characters: Dean, Sam
Rating/Warnings: Eh. PG13. Bad words.
Disclaimers: The boys are property of the Hon. E. Kripke & CW.
Advertisements: For [ profile] wordclaim50 challenge #37 (Gen).
Spoilers: For "In My Time of Dying," references to "Home" & "Faith." Takes place at some point after 2.01.

Notes: For the first time in possibly... ever, I got something finished ahead of schedule, so I had time to scribble out my first SPN fic *hides* I'm still trying to figure them out, and that's kind of the only purpose of this, so nothing exciting, just roadtrip contemplation.

Fic title from a chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

He’s died twice now, sort of. )


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