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One of the things I'd really like to see more of in my life and my fic is a Castiel who is crabby, impatient, vaguely hostile, angry, and kickass, not just sad/patient/content to muse on the sorrows of his life and/or Dean's. It's something I've been thinking for a while as I've been working on the Dean/Cas Exchange Fic of Doom and some other projects, but it finally started to take shape last night while talking to [personal profile] trinityofone and [profile] 22by7. A sample:

[personal profile] aesc: 22 pointed out how, when Pamela kisses Dean (and also I think when Anna kisses him in 4.10), he is actually quite passive
[personal profile] trinityofone: this is true
[personal profile] trinityofone: he likes to let the ladies top, too, iirc
[personal profile] aesc: yeah, he'd totally be down with Cas in charge in bed
[personal profile] trinityofone: more of this, please!
[personal profile] aesc: I mean, it makes SO MUCH SENSE
[personal profile] aesc: [Cas is] stubborn and determined and crabby and impatient when he wants things to get done and people aren't cooperating
[personal profile] trinityofone: i <3 this description
[personal profile] aesc: so in bed, if Dean is being really slow about getting him off, Cas would be all, "Dean, put your hand on my dick right now and make me come"

That developed into the following picspam/commentary, which is pretty much my interpretation of Cas so far this season. It is, of course, just my interpretation, so your agreement/mileage/sodium intake may vary. But hey, pretty pictures! Lots of them! And spoilers up through 5.18!

.updated 04.18: Added 5.17 and 5.18!
.updated 05.08: Added 5.21!
.updated 05.19: Added 5.22!

why Cas is not your grandma's angel )

.eta 5.19: Thank you so much to everyone who's read the original Casifesto and its updates!
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I'm gonna break the internets. Or, maybe, my Photobucket account.

Backstory: I wanted to do something for Porn Battle IX, and Trin suggested I do something for the "tattoo" prompt. That fused immediately in my brain with something that 22by7 and I have been discussing, re: sigils and tattoos and angelic armor, only it's something that really lends itself to art, not words. So, I went hunting for mostly-unclothed Misha caps, which are distressingly few in number I might add, and scrounged up some stills from that very marvelous ER scene involving extensive shirtlessness.

And I kind of decided to post a few of them here, as a small detour from my Porn Battle art. So, uh, here.

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So I haven't had sufficient brainpower for much writing or art lately, boo and hiss :( I have one art project I'm going to try to get finished before I head for home (FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY), but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do a proper, ginormous picspam of Cas-related awesomeness.

In order to keep the picspam from running into the gigabytes, I decided to limit myself to two images--my favorites--from each episode he's in. For the most part, I stuck to the rules, with the exceptions of 4.20 because we have both Castiel and Jimmy, and 5.03, because there was so much awesome in that episode I couldn't limit myself to only two.

Oh, and not dialup-friendly? There's about 40 images, give or take, around 700px.

I'm an angel of the Lord )

Okay, back to grading now :( Comments and stuff are appreciated... I need to be distracted from the endless litany of "while things are different, they are also the same."
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day 01 | a song
day 02 | a picture
day 03 | a book/ebook/fanfic
day 04 | a site
day 05 | a youtube clip
day 06 | a quote
day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy

Because nothing is happier than a black dog...


and one of Misha. because he is Misha )

In other news: Today was another good day. I'm still kind of freaked/stressed/vaguely unhappy, but there's been a few days of respite now from the worst. I actually got work done today, and am feeling some art/fic vibe come back... These things just vanished last week, pulled under by all the OMGWTFTHEWORLDISENDING-type thoughts that have been on repeat in my brain.

And to those of you who are observant, L'shanah tovah! May the next year be a joyous one for you ♥
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Okay, a couple of the comments in my post yesterday got me thinking about how tastily, deliciously noir Castiel's aura happens to be, so I opened up Photoshop again and pulled out the spnmedia images (so large, so hi-res, so nommable) I'd downloaded and put together my first actual picspam/ficturespam in, like, forever. (For the uninitiated: a ficturespam is part fic snippet or concept, part picspam.) And for those who missed the spnmedia post, here are some of the untouched screenshots, zipped up for portability. It's not all of them, but I'm sure someone somewhere has them all. The picspam is just the shots I downloaded from that particular post, so it's mostly Dean, Castiel, and Alastair; it's also a bit of musing on the noir!AU that is in my head, but because I'm lame, may never actually be written.

Castiel Novak, PI )
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I have not been paid for a month, and if the worthless Student Employment people have their way, it won't be another two weeks until I get anything. I've already started crying and cursing incoherently in public places (on the phone with my dad), and tomorrow will be the steely-eyed silence of one who is truly enraged and is going to take down anyone who stands between her and her fucking money. This is beyond ridiculous, and I'm so angry I'm tempted to work up the temerity to demand that they pay me extra for bank overdraft fees, and issue a letter of apology/explanation I can show to Capital One to explain why my car payment did not go through.


So, yes! This has been a stressful, shitty week! For oh so many reasons.

Now, though, I am going to focus on a couple things that have, despite the craptasticness of the week so far, made me happy.

1.) @misha Many of you have asked what the arabic means. Frankly, i'm disappointed. I'd expected my minions to know all of the worlds major languages.

We'll never take over the world if you're illiterate. Minion homework: Learn to read and write in 5 new languages by the end of the month.

Still, still, I have a stupid, pathetic smile on my face, the kind followed by placing one's chin on one's hands and sighing mushily while gazing off into the middle distance. He really is too much sometimes. Also, on the language front, I am totally ready to take control of Vatican City, and some of the more isolated areas in Frisia.

2.) black and white picture things )

In other news: I am going to rest up for the epic battle tomorrow, and work on nurturing my rage. GRARGH.
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Okay, I'm working on Something SPN-related, and that Something requires Dean to be, well, shirtless. Kind of like this:

(Even this same image, just larger, would be awesome. Basically, I need his left side visible.)

I've been wandering around my stock collection, looking at "Skin" caps, and trolling around Veer searching for Dean-like torsos. I have seen more breasts in the past half-hour than in my entire life, probably. So many boobies. Um, \o/

Comic rec: Once again, [ profile] tardis80 breaks her own record for creating the CUTEST THING EVER. *flails*

In other news: I got the most awesome piece of news yesterday, i.e. I am on fellowship next year YAY. No working for me! Just, you know, finishing my dissertation, heh. Also, there is a bowl of baked-potato soup with my name on it. Nom.
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Some very nice things to post on this Sunday night! \o/

1.) Swim shorts, barefooted, wild-haired (John/Rodney). Written for [ profile] mcsmooch, but really for [ profile] tardis80, whose beautiful, lovely postcards (like this one, which was the inspiration) cheered me up so much during the wretchedness of last fall and winter ♥♥♥ It's boys on the pier on a summer day, being lazy after saving the world.

2.) Thank you so very much to everyone who nominated some of my stuff for the McShep Awards! I'm completely thrilled that people come by here and look at things, much less enjoy them and remember them, and really, it's kind of awesomely cool for me. And once the nominations go up, I can guarantee you will have lots of great things to read and look at and be amazed by.

3.) I would just like to say that I really REALLY REALLY REALLY love this cap from "Vegas." Seriously. I have a deep and abiding love for profile shots of John where he's looking up; indeed, one might say it verges on "disturbing obsession." His throat, oh my god. *flails a bit* I put this behind a cut because I can't bring myself to make it smaller than 600px:

mmmmmmph )

4.) SPN 4.07 spoilery remarks, cut just in case and also, yay Castiel! )

Tomorrow: Shall be posted this SGA/SPN crossover fic that I finished some time last year but sort of repressed in my memory. I remember I wrote it terribly fast, and when I write something long and very quickly I tend to be very unhappy with it. So, I let it sit... and sit... and sit... and excavated it the other day. Now it's been edited, canon adjusted for my own benefit, and possibly ready to go.
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Stupid week, not productive, headache-infested.

On the bright side, I just wanted to say how much I love this cap.

from 'The Shrine,' so, spoilers )

I should do a proper picspam soon.
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I am going to fly in the face of current trends and not use "interrogate" when writing my proposal.


Also, I hereby resolve that Rodney's smile makes me a little bit melty every time I see it, and John's eyes cannot be resisted.

Not a resolution, more of an observation: It's really crappy outside.

well, then

Aug. 23rd, 2008 01:29 am
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I'll let the pictures speak for me.

sga 5.06 the shrine )
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Yay, you're back!

I posted a few caps here in a locked post when the episode sneaked online a few weeks early. Unlocked now! No real commentary tonight, because I usually feel vaguely lame writing commentary, and also, I'm up early to go sailing tomorrow. Nautical!

a few select moments from 5.01, aka, o hai, David's biceps )

In other news: Oh, man :/ But still, sailing. I haven't been on a boat in ages.
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I am posting these because I have no restraint.


no preview, no commentary, just pictures )
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.More Temperate (John/Rodney) ~3,690
Written for [ profile] mcsmooch. Part of the Restoration Hardware AU, and takes place about eight months or so after Office Hours.

"Maybe you should go naked under your robes," John says with a brief, sweet leer.

.icon previews! NEXT WEEK NEXT WEEK FINALLY OH MY GOD. There will also be wallpapers and such as well.

Also, I now have a tiny, sleek blue portable hard drive that will convey my 59GBs of graphics and video files (I have fifty thousand image files, people) to NH with me in a couple weeks. I've decided to call it Meredith, because of the blue.

(Oh oh oh, and happiest of happy belated/on time/advance birthdays to [ profile] ladycat777, [ profile] the_drifter, and [ profile] tropes!)
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I have been on a screencapping kick because, well, one can never have enough screencaps, and also I've finally been able to get back on the icon horse and start iconing again. With any luck, I will finish up the open icon stuff from [ profile] discolore in the next few days and have a ton of icons to post before I escape to New England. The icon I'm posting with now is one of said new ones.

Two episodes I capped today were "Midway" and "Kindred I," and oh, is there some nice stuff in there. A few caught my attention for various reasons :>

If only my department meetings looked like this, I would whine about them less )

PS: [ profile] mcsmooch is up for the next couple of weeks, YAY!

PPS: If anyone wants the full set of caps for either episode or both, I will upload. I have cut them down from about 1,700 per episode to 500-600, getting rid of duplicate/blurred/empty/otherwise pointless frames. The ones left behind were spared mostly on account of potential usefulness/exceptional prettiness, or weirdness.

PPPS: Will reply to comments on fic, I swear, I'm just stupidly slow.
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Give [ profile] aesc and [ profile] siriaeve a Saturday and news headlines, and nothing good will come of it. Case in point:

[15:42] [ profile] siriaeve: now there's a headline

remote control! )

And as a reward, have some Brendan Dean. Why? Because he's awesome. And hot. And a dork.

that cough syrup is *strong* )
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I recently redid my layouts for [ profile] aesc and [ profile] discolore and yes, I did slash my headers.

why you so dirty? )

Don't look at me like that.

.eta: eeeee [ profile] thegrrrl2002 wrote a lovely bit of commentfic, where John has decided to be belligerent about marrying Rodney! It finishes off this thread and its particular comment is here.
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According to roommate, there was an earthquake last night--not the sort that makes bridges collapse or opens up huge gaping holes in the earth, just a wee gentle rumbling--but I slept right through it. I think that might have been because I had much more important things on my mind, i.e. an alarming dream where one of my old students emailed me and a bunch of professors saying he found this stuff and it looks kind of cool. It was some of my fanfic.

But. It was only fic in which characters were going or had gone to the dentist.

Now, I'm far from the most evil writer out there when it comes to character abuse, but I have been known to, on occasion, have them shot and left out in the desert, kidnapped and dumped in an alley, and infect their brains with nanites. However, I have never ever been so depraved as to make them visit the dentist, and I never will be.

Just for the record. (Also, he was really smirky about it, "oooh, see what I found, it looks neat ;-)" the little so-and-so.)

Anyway, onto normal things. Remember the tiny "Unidentified" cover? The one where you can't see anything? Yes. The madly-skilled [ profile] girlnamedpixley has run it through her amazing and mystical image-enlarging program and produced a version where you can actually see stuff. The resolution isn't perfect, but believe me, it's light-years better than what I could persuade out of Photoshop and, as I said, you can see stuff, so if you would like to get a closer look at Rodney's (Team-only because I was obsessed) board: come hither )

And lastly: [ profile] sheafrotherdon is having her David Hewlett Festival of Awesome Fortyishness Picspam here! Go! See! Contribute to Hewlettosity!
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The past two days have been characterized by very great exhaustion. While it's a change from feeling like my sinuses are trying to invade my eye sockets, I'm not terribly crazy about it. My brain laughs at the thought of managing plot (I can hear it cackling) or anything much more complicated than playing with Traders screencaps of unbearable quality yet unbelievable adorableness.

There is no sad Grant here, just him being goofy and weird and with the hands. (*flail* I can't help it, I love him and may possibly be addicted.) And there's also some noir!John, who is having his backstory turned over between decongestants.

some move ahead )

Seen around: you comment with the start of a sentence, I reply with the rest of it. These can be fannish (e.g. John Sheppard and Dean Winchester like to) or personal (e.g. If I could smite one person in the world, it would be), or whatever, really.
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Okay, last night? Sucked. I didn't fall asleep until three, and at seven was violently woken by the roommate and the dogs, who make as much noise as a garbage truck, nuclear bomb, and elephant combined. My nap this noon was a nap of failure because of the kids making things explode (or something) right under my window. /whining

Lately I've been flipping through Traders looking for Grant-oriented screencaps, so last night's "please dear God let me fall asleep" soundtrack was Dave dragging John to Gardner/Ross for some financial family thing and John seeing Grant and being completely poleaxed and wondering if Grant's Rodney's identical twin or an amnesiac Rodney from an alternate universe, and slightly later being helplessly intrigued and completely freaked out by the way Grant rambles on about things like statistical mechanics and econophysics because it is very eerily like the way Rodney goes on about astrophysics.

Anyway. A Traders screencap of David's spectacularly lovely eyelashes and also something from [ profile] unamaga to which [ profile] villainny directed me... NOIR JOHN. THIS IS NOIR JOHN. HE HAS A FEDORA-TYPE HAT. Doesn't he look all noirish in the greytones and scratchiness?

fedora! )

In other news: Dear god, I'm tired :/ Oh, wait. I said that already.

.eta, because I'm annoyed! The last time I checked, Terry Darlington's Narrow Dog to Indian River was going to be released in the States in April sometime. When I went to Amazon to pre-order, I discovered it's now listed as "It may be released some time in your lifetime, if you're lucky." Very aggravating.


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