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... in addition to the book I was interested in getting turning out to be kind of lame.

1.) On the way to the bookstore I got stuck behind a guy with a Tea Party bumper sticker on his car. Like, I am all for fiscal responsibility, but not when you use it to (badly) cover your poor butthurt white privilege, buttress your arguments for it with arguments like "Obama's the one who got us into this war that's costing us so much money," and are guilty of voting for the same senators and congresspeople who you feel have ripped you off over and over again. To pile more depressing on top of that, I got stuck behind this moron for about twenty minutes, waiting for a traffic jam to clear.

2.) When I was going up to pay for my consolation notebook (no way was I going to drive forty-five minutes and get stuck behind a Teabagger and go home emptyhanded), these two teenage girls came in. One of them said to the other "Oh, I can read; I just choose not to." Cue apoplexy.

Someone hold me.
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Probably this is too humorous a subject line for the emotions marinading in me at the moment, but it does, at least have the virtue of being accurate.

Have you ever gone from, say, effervescent joy to incandescent rage in the space of .05 seconds? Isn't it jarring?

The joy: Miami-Dade circuit court judge rules Florida's ban on gay adoption unconstitutional. In her decision, Judge Cindy Lederman wrote, "It is clear that sexual orientation is not a predictor of a person's ability to parent. A child in need of love, safety and stability does not first consider the sexual orientation of his parent. The exclusion causes some children to be deprived of a permanent placement with a family that is best suited to their needs."

The incandescent rage: Attorneys for the state's Department of Children and Family Services are filing an appeal. Very likely, the case will go to the Florida Supreme Court.

Why the rage? Because FDCFS is one of the most idiotic, criminally incompetent organizations in a state whose bureaucracy is already nationally known for its monumental lack of intelligence and ability to do the job right. My mother worked as a guardian ad litem for DCFS children for several years, and prior to that had the privilege of sitting on a jury to convict a child's foster parent of murder stemming from abuse because DCFS never followed up on reports issued by the child's teachers, who suspected continual, severe maltreatment. My sister worked as an advocate for mentally- and emotionally-disabled foster kids and saw horrors you wouldn't believe.

Whoever is presented with the appeal should throw it out on a matter of principle, because pretty much whatever DCFS wants to do is guaranteed to be wrong-headed. Looking at the studies and experts their attorneys brought forth, I'm pretty sure most of them have been discredited. Remembering my sister's detailed, anguished diatribes of the kids she had to fight to get into less-horrible group homes, the meetings with DCFS people she had to persuade into not letting the kid go back to his meth-addicted parents because they almost killed him last time... I'm convinced doing the opposite of what DCFS wants is the best policy.

So, yeah. On the one hand, happy that Lederman had the courage to stand up to a wrongfully biased system (omg, activist judge the EVIL) and call a law for what it is. But the happiness I feel is just drowned--no, not just drowned, crushed at the bottom of the abyss--by the narrow-mindedness and illogic possessed by the DCFS, how it represents an entire system of thought so outdated and wrongheaded that is nonetheless preserved and cherished as a "moral imperative" cloaked by "the child's best interests."


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It's really just too sad.

I think that it [the evil secular gay fascists] is a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion. And I think if you believe in historic Christianity, you have to confront the fact.

Gingrich pretty much sums up why I believe most social conservatives--at least, the ones I hear and the ones I'm unfortunate enough to deal with-- are people who embrace not history, but a dangerously misguided nostalgia for "traditional religion." Historic Christianity had a great time burning Jews and heretics, traveling to the Holy Land to kill Muslims, and once the Reformation came around, killing other Christians. The vast majority of Christianity's history has been concerned with its overwhelming fear not of secularists (or gays, which was not even a term recognized until the twentieth century), but of other religions, its own inability to develop and sustain a cohesive and contiguous theology, and its power struggles with political institutions it wanted to control.

I hate it when people treat history like this. I really, sincerely hate it, and I hate it almost as much as the fact that people like Gingrich consistently get away it.

A couple of quotations to sum up my thoughts, because I'm too tired to do it properly:

The misuse of language induces evil in the soul. Socrates

To be innocent of the variety of ways in which humans have mythologized or proscribed what they do with their genitals is to be unfit for being a moralist, much less a scholar of morals. Mark Jordan, The Invention of Sodomy (which book I very highly recommend)

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I don't usually post political, or even important, material here because I like to think of my LJ as being uninfluenced by outside, real-world sources other than my own insanity. Also, if you remember, I said I was going to post something that wasn't bitchy, whiny, or related to depression. Today, however, is not that day, because.

Oh my God. No words. NO WORDS. *froths with rage*

AG: Don't deport genital mutilation victim.

That someone in a theoretically enlightened and educated society could even think that a woman could be returned to a region or people practicing FGM "because her genitalia already had been mutilated [so] she had no basis to fear future persecution if returned to her home country," let alone say it in a formally issued legal document just... No. Again, no words! That the attorney general has to point out a basic failure of logic (not to mention ethics) to them boggles me. The good news is that Congress, for once, paid attention to letters like the one from Seton Hall Law School, and Mukasey seems to be pretty pissed off.

Still, seriously, what the fucking fuck is wrong with people?

*deploys SMITE icon*


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