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aesc ([personal profile] aesc) wrote2010-05-28 09:14 pm

♥♥♥ meme; update of things

O hai thar. It's been crazily busy here, chez Aitch, between writing and finishing research and packing and getting ready to move hurray! and running and more writing. And it's been good. Really good. Thinking about my life this time last year, and then today, there's some huge, terrible weight that's vanished in the interim, some time between Things have opened up, and it's like taking Finn to the park tomorrow to swim will be another good thing to add to the list, not a temporary escape from horror.

Fannishly, lots of things are happening: I'll be guest-reccing at spnroundtable throughout June, and will be part of Lass's Castravaganza. And, maybe, Dean/Cas BigBang. Tonight, though, I'll be working on my BigBang art and trying to get that wrapped up.

Workishly, things are going pretty well. Mostly a lot of time has been spent at the copier, and harassing people to let me borrow a book so I can photocopy an essay. In between times, I've been reading about Anglo-Saxonism and race in 19th-century America, and it's horrible and depressing as hell, and I gradually become more and more uneasy with the possibility that an ever-thinning thread is the only thing supporting us above the abyss that is a return to 1859.

And lastly, just because....
love meme

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