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I tend to keep my flist on the small side, but if you'd like to keep an eye out for fic or graphics updates, please feel free to friend me! (Alternately, I post SGA updates to mckay_sheppard, sga_noticeboard [when I remember], and SPN stuff goes to sn_fic, deancastiel, and spn_castiel.) My art can be found either here or at discolore, as well as stargate_icons and scifi_exclusive.

With the exception of RL-related whining and things most people are better off not hearing, everything I post is public. So you know what you're in for, there tends to be a lot of prettiness in the form of John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Dean and Sam Winchester, Castiel, and Merlin and Arthur; some art, some picspam, some fic, and random things.


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