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I've been down for the count for the past couple of weeks, but one of the good things is I tracked down a bunch of new music to add to my collection, and was able to finagle some of the blues stuff into a mix. "Blue Highway" is a bit different from the previous blues collections; there are some different versions of old songs (seriously, check out Bessie Smith's "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out") and some instrumental, especially guitar and harmonica. I hope you guys enjoy it!

The mix is a bit looser in conception than some of the others I've done. The general theme is life on the road, eventually focusing on Dean, Sam, and Cas down and out as S5 draws on.

nobody knows you when you're down and out )
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I've spent the past several weeks working away at my Sweet Charity fic, and I've found myself listening to the same music over and over again. This is a writing mix, not necessarily a fic mix--it doesn't tell a story so much as show you what I listen to, sometimes, when I'm writing. (Actually, all of my mixes do that, heh.) Lately I've been on an instrumental kick of all different kinds--classical, modern, post-rock, totally random stuff, and some of it seemed to come together quite nicely into a mixy sort of thing for Castiel. The instrumentals are bracketed by two a capella pieces, Rachmaninov's setting of Psalm 103/4 from Op 37 (Vespers) and my absolute favorite Renaissance piece, Thomas Tallis's motet Spem in alium.

The title plays with a notion insight2 mentioned to me, regarding angels, voices, and exploding glass, the vox divina and all that. So.... What happens when an angel can't speak?

sine uoce, angelus non sum [Voiceless, I'm no angel] )

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Cover for strangeandcharm's lovely fic, which you can read here. It has so much I love--mindfuckery, Castiel, Jimmy, confusion, angst, pain, and an ohmyheart ending.

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lafleurdumal asked for a Dean/Castiel acoustic fanmix over on the Dean/Castiel Co-Op Swap, so... here is some acoustic, I guess. It's a fairly eclectic mix--some unplugged metal from bands like KISS and Metallica, grunge (Nirvana), folk-rock (Dylan, Dave and Tim), country, bluegrass by Bela Fleck (you have to listen to "Over Grown Waltz," one of my favorite songs ever), rockabilly/gospel a la Black Crowes, and acoustic covers (Iron & Wine, Sun Kil Moon). It also, sort of, tells a story; I'll let you decide what that is by looking at the song divisions.

The Revelation's Unplugged )

In other news: GRAH. Strawberry picking and other outdoor plans were scuttled by rain, but I will not be prevented from making this strawberry shortcake cake. Why? Farmer's market, biatches. I also picked up a bunch of asparagus, as I was warned the asparagus season in my area is effectively over this week.

Also in food: selmelier!Rodney would highly approve of these. Especially licking the batter off John's fingers.

*is briefly distracted, wanders off*
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devilc passed on some Johnny Winter to me, and since I had such an awesome time putting together Nine O'Clock Blues (and omg, I'm so thrilled you guys liked it, seriously, the blues are so great), I raided my blues collection a second time and scrounged together one more fanmix. Seriously, these things are addictive... I mean, listening to my favorite music and being all "Dude, back in 1970 Johnny Winter totally knew and shared the Winchesters' epic man pain" in the manner of a twelve-year-old girl, what's not to love?

Like the last mix, 'Blues for the End Days' is kind of general SPN-ish, mostly S4, though. I have a very, very deep fondness for, in particular, Screamin' Jay Hawkins' version of "I Put a Spell on You" and John Lee Hooker's "Serves Me Right to Suffer." But I think you'll agree that Muddy Waters' "Mannish Boy" was totally written for Dean Winchester. Y/Y.

Blues for the End Days )
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Back when I posted The Apocalypse for Beginners, I mentioned to [personal profile] verstehen that it would be neat to compile a blues mix for SPN. So, after a lot of thinking and sifting, I compiled one! "Nine O'Clock Blues" is mostly blues, but a bit of blues-inspired rock and country, because the blues is really one of those things that doesn't belong in any one place. (Also, I did not have quite enough for two mixes, so I just threw all the awesome in together.) The soundtrack splits its time across all the seasons; tracks 1-11 head from S1 (starting with the events in Sam's nursery) through S3, while tracks 12-23 focus on S4. Track 24 is meant as a looking-back, from some point beyond the Apocalypse. I don't want to say too much more, but I like to think the songs work together to hint at the story we've been told so far.

nine o'clock blues )

In other news: Okay, I am really going to finish my other stuff tonight. The cover art for this is the first art I've done in weeks and oh god please please let it keep working for me.
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Okay, so this is possibly the first fanmix I've ever done... Very likely with the exception of Robert Johnson and Chris Thomas, Dean would hate every song on here, but too bad. It's taken from music I listen to when trying to get ideas together for art and fics, and it occured to me that the lyrics of some of the songs might plot a nice trajectory from S3 through S4 and into a future where I imagine an ending that is not completely blood and pain. The final track is one of my favorites, but I kind of love everything on here.

The Apocalypse for Beginners )

In other news: I am super excited about my Sweet Charity stuff! There are Ideas starting to foment. On a vaguely related topic, No Parachute was nominated for this monthly award-thingy over at The Readers Have Spoken(?) and if you'd like, you can vote for it here. And, on a topic not at all related to any of the above, I should probably clean stuff today.


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