May. 19th, 2010

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As we go along (girl!Dean/Cas) PG13 | 2,400
Quite some time ago, I swore to insight2 and several other people that I would write girl!Dean. Well, the other day, 22by7 asked for something to do with Deanna, Cas, and going for ice cream, and I girded my loins and wrote this. It's always-a-girl!Dean, who, let's be honest, is awesome. Post-war, some references to 5.02 and 5.04, with kissing.

The world didn't end, and sometimes that freaks her out. )
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Making it up (girl!Dean/Cas) NC17 | 2,500
A follow-up to As we go along, in which there is SEX SEX SEX. God, I love Deanna. A lot.

That night, the Victorian widow goes down swinging. )

.in other news: Okay, I am gone for a few days. I AM VERY ANXIOUS ABOUT THE FINALE, but I guess you guys knew that already. Stay strong, no matter what happens! *clings to you all*
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You guys you guys even if you don't watch SPN, you really really really need to check out [personal profile] newkidfan's completely, totally, and in all other ways amazing vid!

Family business (Dean/Cas) PG13/R
AU vid, in which... damn it, just saying "Dean is an FBI agent and Cas is an assassin on a mission" doesn't do the concept justice. But I will say that I knew for a fact it would make [profile] 22by7 and [personal profile] trinityofone very happy, and the only thing that would make me happier is if this actually existed as a series. Because, yes.

My very minor contributions were the title and the cover art. You can see the full-sized piece at Mel's, but I will put it here as well for my own reference.

he put on the garment of vengeance )


.in other news: I'll try to have some kind of brief write-up of 5.22, along with a Casifesto update very soon. Right now my brain is kind of distracted with the distressing amount of work I have to do before I go home for the summer, and trying not to give into the urge to do the Dean/Cas BigBang, because it's not like I don't have ten million other things to do gaaah.
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Long, exhausting conference was long and exhausting. But I'm back now, hurray, and I figured to preserve my year of diligence in recording my reactions to SPN episodes, I should write up the finale. I ended up completely chickening out and waiting until I got back from le conference so I could capslock/seek consolation from Trin, and also I decided to cling to Schroedinger's Cas a bit longer. (Schroedinger's Cas, if you aren't familiar with the theory, holds that an unobserved Cas exists in a state of pure probability as to his aliveness or not-aliveness.) Anyway, I watched the episode on Sunday, and was possibly not in the right frame of mind to process it all right away.

What I have here is really just a brief list of stuff I liked/didn't like, but mostly musing on the ending in general and ways of storytelling. Also, before you continue, I haven't really read any episode reactions, so some (possibly a great deal) of this may be redundant. Still, should you be inspired to comment, despite this being almost a week delayed, please observe the following:

1.) No wank. Seriously, no wank.
2.) No unmitigated creator-hate. If you're going to bitch about something, you have to write about something you liked.
3.) No S6 spoilers, please. I know some are out there, and I know what some of them are, but still.
4.) No wank.

all road trips, even great ones, have to end... or do they? )


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