Sep. 16th, 2010

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Is this amazing or horrifying?

Paradise Lost to become ass-kicking 3D action film, as God intended

In news that sounds vaguely like a throwaway joke on an episode of The Critic, John Milton’s epic 17th-century poem Paradise Lost will be transformed into “an action vehicle that will include aerial warfare” to be helmed by The Crow and I, Robot director Alex Proyas, most likely in 3D. That added dimension will help to flesh out Milton’s underlying themes about the nature of sin and free will—by which we mean turn them into a story about devils and archangels kicking ass, occasionally through aerial warfare.

I'm torn between rolling my eyes, LOLing forever, and desperately wanting to see this. The actual action part is fairly thin in most of Paradise Lost, because Adam and Raphael spend a lot of time talking about angel sex and the nature of the world, but Eve is ready-made for a brainless piece of arm candy, and dude, devils and angels kicking ass, so there's that.

Castiel would probably be severely irritated, and contemptuous when the angels are nowhere near as badass as he is.

Also I am probably going to be around here posting fic, art, and other random, unimportant shit for the next couple of months. It's work and postdoc app season, and I want to barf all over my computer just thinking about it.


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