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Probably this is [ profile] insight2's fault, but while I was brushing my teeth last night it occurred to me that it would be interesting (one word for it) to develop an angelic language, now that Skanr has been my practice run for language construction. What I've been thinking of is a language that is Romance-like in the sense that angels use different forms of the copulative (to be) for the created world and the divine, to express the distinction they'd probably make between essence versus state. Or would they just see the entire world as a collection of things in a state of being or becoming or changing? And how would the near-infinite think about the bounded and contained, anyway? *ponders these things*

In similar SPN news, I wrote one more drabble, In terra aliena (In a Strange Land) for the [ profile] deancastiel drabble challenge.


By executive order, I have decided that on a semiregular basis (maybe every other Sunday, or however often I feel like it), I will contribute to weekend sloth and work avoidance by writing drabbles on request. When requests are open, I will note which fandoms I'm writing in; all you need to do is name your fandom, character/pairing, and prompt, and I will write 100 words of something. This post will be the prompt and response post, for purposes of consolidation.

.drabble prompts: Leave me a fandom/character/pairing and a prompt (SGA, SPN, Bones, and I guess I will take Merlin*) and I will see what I can do.


In unrelated news, Iron & Wine's The Shepherd's Dog is completely awesome and I have been listening to it obsessively.

* = I like Morgana a lot and wish something heavy would land on Uther. And I like how Arthur is kind of a jerk, but basically a decent guy. Also, I am deeply amused and, dare I say it, somewhat gratified, by the fact that the incantation languages involve Old English. A lot of this is because the Anglo-Saxons really did not like teh magics.

*le sigh* Sunday is over, alas! Drabbles closed for now.
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The Old World (PG13) ?John/Rodney; Dean, Sam, Castiel | ~ 10,890
Okay, so I wrote the first version of this ages and ages ago for [ profile] randomeliza, but writing gift!fic always alarms me and I never feel quite happy with it. So, I set it aside and let it sit and sit and sit for a very long time, and pretty much forgot about its existence until I was hunting through my Folder of Random Unfinished Things and brought it up from the depths. It seemed sort of sad to let 7,000 words go to waste, so I edited the piece and updated the canon for my own edification and now, I bring it to you!

"The Old World" is, for the canon-savvy, set at some point before the fallout from events in 5.19 in SGA and some time after 4.10 in SPN, although I've tried to set up explanations so you don't need to know canon for both shows in detail... Really, the fic now is kind of an excuse to fuse some of the Stargate canon with scriptural pseudoepigraphia and apocrypha, because I find that way too fun not to do. (One final note: It occurs to me that this has probably been done at least ten times in the vastness of SGA and SPN fandoms. Forgive me?)

She's twenty feet from the store and a few steps from her car when she sees him, the old man. 'Mister?' she asks. 'Mister, you okay?' )
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Some very nice things to post on this Sunday night! \o/

1.) Swim shorts, barefooted, wild-haired (John/Rodney). Written for [ profile] mcsmooch, but really for [ profile] tardis80, whose beautiful, lovely postcards (like this one, which was the inspiration) cheered me up so much during the wretchedness of last fall and winter ♥♥♥ It's boys on the pier on a summer day, being lazy after saving the world.

2.) Thank you so very much to everyone who nominated some of my stuff for the McShep Awards! I'm completely thrilled that people come by here and look at things, much less enjoy them and remember them, and really, it's kind of awesomely cool for me. And once the nominations go up, I can guarantee you will have lots of great things to read and look at and be amazed by.

3.) I would just like to say that I really REALLY REALLY REALLY love this cap from "Vegas." Seriously. I have a deep and abiding love for profile shots of John where he's looking up; indeed, one might say it verges on "disturbing obsession." His throat, oh my god. *flails a bit* I put this behind a cut because I can't bring myself to make it smaller than 600px:

mmmmmmph )

4.) SPN 4.07 spoilery remarks, cut just in case and also, yay Castiel! )

Tomorrow: Shall be posted this SGA/SPN crossover fic that I finished some time last year but sort of repressed in my memory. I remember I wrote it terribly fast, and when I write something long and very quickly I tend to be very unhappy with it. So, I let it sit... and sit... and sit... and excavated it the other day. Now it's been edited, canon adjusted for my own benefit, and possibly ready to go.
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Last night of freedom *le sigh* So have some porn.

Paradox (NC17) John/Rodney | ~1,470
The mildest of bondage, just some tying up and somewhat dominant!Rodney. (Srsly, this is about as kinky as I get, people, and that is not very kinky.) Instigated and contributed to by [ profile] siriaeve, with whom I had a very illuminating discussion over YM earlier.

...the related mystery of how John's entire body, or only his eyes, can carry demand, control, even as Rodney pushes him down and pins his wrists to the bed and uses that leverage to fuck him, or, as now, laces his hands together behind his back, tying them tight with Athosian-woven rope. )
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Just a small happy post, because I've had so much fun this week, and I hope I can keep the cheerfulness going into the second half of the semester. Featuring: yarn, pretty trees, and SRPOINGS.

happy things of a visual nature )

And how about some more SPROING!? Totally spontaneous and unpremeditated.

Now is the part where people die. )
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Hurray, I finally surmounted my previously insurmountable lameitude and wrote something! Written for and posted at [ profile] sga_flashfic for the Comfort Challenge:

.A Story Involving Blankets (~1,660)
Rodney doesn't say the obvious, for once, which is that agrop were native to Sateda, and that probably only Satedans would appreciate a comforter stuffed with the feathers of a poisonous bird.

That's right, the agrop gets a mention! See the agrop! tag for further details.

In other news: I start yoga tomorrow! And I finally located my bicycle pump, so I can start riding to school again and not relying on roommates who do not turn on their damned phone to coordinate driving schedules.

Also, [ profile] sgabigbang is starting up its review/DVD commentary/promotion event for September. I thought about posting, except... what the hell would I have to say about my stuff? :/ And, you know, who would read it? If anything, I'm more inclined to talk about the art for [ profile] cathalin than my own story, which I still haven't assimilated in my own head.
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Last night was a night of consolation and redemption for me, both provided by such wonderful things as:
-a pornlet by [ profile] amireal
-hot hot David Hewlett provided by [ profile] telesilla (nnnnnnf HOT)
-[ profile] unamaga's lovely adorable Grant
-these brownie cookies [ profile] dogeared showed me a while ago. (For those of you who are interested, they are very easy to make, perfect for after you've had other people's stupidity and disorganization inflicted on you.)
-signing up for [ profile] kink_bingo (hahahahahaha! I will win the award for Most Vanilla Interpretation of a Kink, I knows it!)
-making my new default icon!
-writing this:

.The Courtship of Dorkbirds (John/Rodney [pre?]slash PG) ~1,100
Some time ago, [ profile] dogeared saw a nature program about the various courtship rituals of birds of paradise (like this one), one of which was that both birds would peck, poke, thwap, and generally harass each other. She observed that there are some Similarities of interest here.

'You know the sex lasts for two seconds,' Sheppard says, and pulls McKay back up and along, despite McKay's protests of a sprained ankle. )
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.Nevermind (John/Rodney PG) ~1,500 + art
I was lucky enough to write for the very awesome and talented [ profile] newkidfan for this month's Reversed challenge at [ profile] artword, and believe me when I tell you her art will blow you away. And thank you thank you to [ profile] dogeared for making sure the writing is not entirely nonsensical *smooch* (And for those of you who are interested in [ profile] artword but didn't have a chance/weren't able to participate last month, the new challenge starts soon! Look for it!)

Because the piece is very image-heavy, the link takes you to a preload page ♥

The last time he lost someone behind enemy lines, John had a single helicopter to get him back. This time he has a warship.

.eta: For a few billion reasons (pollen, allergies to said pollen, having to work in the garden anyway otherwise we will be growing prize weeds), I'm having a terrible, "wow do I feel like shit in more ways than one" morning. And I haven't read it yet because I want to wait for the Zyrtec to work (oh please dear god work), but I know THIS is going to be awesome and will help me feel better. It is [ profile] beeej's Bar Harbour AU, and I have been praying for [ profile] wojelah or someone to write it because OMG OMG OMG IT MAKES ME JOYFUL.
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Script (John/Rodney, NC17) ~5600 words

.notes: porn with the flimsiest excuse for a plot, written for [ profile] unamaga's kamasutrathon. Featuring positions 7 and 6, in that order, along with a whole lot of frustration.

Hugest thanks to [ profile] dogeared, [ profile] sheafrotherdon, and [ profile] siriaeve for audiencing, and [ profile] amberlynne, who is very fun to tease :>

'You have the look of one who has spent much time in meditation,' Inike says to him the next morning, and looks pleased. )
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Scrap of something for 4.20 "The Last Man," just so I can get it out of my head.

Two Scenes, Missing

No one gets left behind )
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For [ profile] sheafrotherdon's Just Propose Already!! festival: The One Where Teyla and Ronon Make Them Do It, in which Teyla and Ronon have decided that this foolishness has gone on long enough and take matters into their own hands.*

Some time post-"Quarantine," probably sooner rather than later.


*=OMG I wrote proposal!fic. Yet another thing I thought I would never ever do in any fandom ever.
^=Of course, this is assuming I can get to NH, seeing as it's supposed to snow. Pray for me.
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.title: The Home Front (~10,800 words)
.author: [ profile] aesc
.pairing: John/Rodney
.rating/warnings: NC17 for the sex
.disclaimers: Not belonging to me.

.notes: Tag to 4.15 "Outcast," so spoilers for that obviously. Absolute hugest thanks to [ profile] dogeared, who not only listened to 8,000 words of this in YM all day yesterday, but beta'ed it too. Yay, angsty men are inspirational.

(Aside to [ profile] amireal, [ profile] beadattitude, [ profile] tx_tart, &c.: This is what I was talking about!)

what happens right after the cap following the cut )
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Tag to 4.11 "Be All My Sins Remembered," so spoilers for that (obviously).

Teyla-centric, with generous side of team and dash of McKay/Sheppard if you would like.

The shadows make him flat and dangerous, and she thinks that this man in front of her right now is the man most others fear. )

Now I really REALLY need to go to bed, because I am meeting a [ profile] dogeared tomorrow! Well, in ten hours.
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Title: Graffiti
Author: [ profile] aesc
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 3,200 + art
Notes: Hugest thanks to [ profile] dogeared for beta'ing! This was idea, um, #13 of about twenty for the documentary fic, and... yeah.

There is also a bit of art at the end. Not much, but just a bit.

He doesn’t know what the grooves – lines, curves, patterns – are, but he can guess )
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Just a little follow-up to SPROING, in which there is an apology. Sort of, in a way.

Scale of the agrop )
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So someone posted a link in [ profile] sheafrotherdon's LJ about Joe's too-crazy-to-be-true-but-IS hair, and that got mixed up with the now-canonical knowledge that Athosian alcohol is some strong stuff, and so I give you a very silly Cate!instigated ficlet.

'Okay, buddy,' John says, 'Sproing. Got it.' )
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Hokay! I'm still really annoyed with myself at forgetting to upload my Doppelganger stuff before I left, but I am so dedicated that I watched the episode again and pulled more caps and wrote up ficturespam for it. Yesh, such hardship I endure... But seriously, HOW AWESOME was this episode?

*sacrifices firstborn to Robert Cooper*

On the images: Some of these are experiments in color and lighting correction, so they may not match the color/lighting you remember from the episode. (I love my show, I really, really do, but the color filters drive me a bit nuts.) As is the case with all of my ficturespams, any/all graphics are free for the taking, and for whatever nefarious purpose you can devise.

Also, there are a few icons at the end.

not a night goes by )


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