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I really haven't been tormenting Amber enough lately, since I'm only peripherally involved in Generation Kill and anything vampire-related inspires annoyance that overpowers the hotness that is Alexander Skarsgard. This is an attempt to make up for it.

Backstory: I went to donate blood today. (Good news: I am no longer borderline anemic! This is a Relief for me.) After donating, I got some juice and pretzels (handed to me by a nice young man in fatigues; the blood drive was organized by the campus ROTC), and my choice of t-shirts: a boring old "I donated blood to the Red Cross"-type one, and this one. As you can tell, I picked this one.

Fannish stuff that is pleasing to me today
Let's just walk for a while (John/Rodney, PGish) by steammmpunk. Her drawings make my soul happy, so clean and crisp.

New comm! MOOSEBUTTHONEY (hahahaha, I said "moosebutt") follows the adventures of beekeeper!John and chef!Rodney, who must put up with Radek and his quail-centric fantasies. I think we all know by now that the team does well in ANY AU you care to plunk them into, but they are especially tasty here.

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in other news: I'm kind of wired right now, as you may be able to tell. I really need to settle down. Between fandom and kind-of cheerful prospects in RL, though, it's hard.
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For reasons of economy:

1: Written for [ profile] mcsmooch: Office Hours (John/Rodney, Restoration Hardware AU), in which we learn that Rodney's second base is comprehensively stolen.

2: THEY ARE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Our fandom brings the crack, and it is good.

3: Because some of you seemed to like it, more Beokitteh, the next twenty-eight lines or so, cut for length.

Thar wuz big boat on teh beachez (not failboat)/all icy n stuffs, pimped out liek woah! )

In other news: I don't know why I haven't done this before now, but I downloaded Trillian, so I'm reliably aesc36 on MSN, Yahoo, and AIM.
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Is there anyone out there who could give me a quick second opinion on a piece of art? *shifty look* There is one part of it that is especially vexing and I'm not sure how to fix it, or even if it needs fixing. If you could comment here with your email, I can send you a draft .png file and a fuller explanation of what I can't figure out. Awesomecakes!

Now for another really cool Christmas present, this one from a friend/colleague: Arielle Eckstut and Dennis Ashton, Pride and Promiscuity: The Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen (New York 2001). Seriously, this is tremendously funny and yet horrifying, as I love Austen but cannot extend my imagination to the goings-on after I close her books.

[If you consider Austen involate, please go no further.]

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In other news: I should probably do work at some point today, instead of wandering around aimlessly. Probably.

Or maybe I could post a photo that makes me very happy to look upon:

.eta: A pair of them! Apparently, I only go squooshy over babies I don't actually have to encounter in real life, because this sketch by [ profile] _kiden is so adorable, I have no words for it.

Also, why is it my dog lies inert on the couch all morning, dead to the world, yet the second I start sweeping jumps up and manages to be in exactly the place I need to sweep?
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Eight is enough times for Rodney to have figured out a lot about what John likes, and every touch feels like Rodney's saying, I know you. I know you, John Sheppard. John tries not to let that scare him.

[ profile] dogeared's Eighth Time, Nantucket AU; comes after The After-Effects of Sandwiches. GO AND READ IT BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING.

And also? This is the jacket John is wearing :>

In other Nantucket news, we now have a new home for all our stories, [ profile] wagoneer!

Pull up a beach chair and stay with us a while :)

.eta: and while I'm thinking of it, show your love for orange-fleece!Rodney and add orange fleece to your interests list :D :D
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I've given up on being productive for the evening, because "Written by the Victors" has stuck with me, and will probably stick with me for a while, and has caused me to think about things.

Namely, time and music I really, really like.

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*rushes about madly*

[ profile] dogeared has posted our comment!fic, all cleaned up and proper-looking, complete with leaf-raking and dirty John drinking milk straight from the carton. Go read it!

While you're at it, read [ profile] siriaeve's absolutely beautiful Exposures, only not "read" so much as "picture," because that's what it is--a lovely series of still frames and moving images--island, beach, house, bedroom.

Also, Cory Doctorow writes one of the most coherent, unpatronizing fanfiction apologetics I've ever read. Play on, Mr. Doctorow. Excellent work.

In other news: We had a crazy storm last night, and I spent about two minutes out in it, running to my car from the library, then from my car to the front door. Lightning broke just over my head and I about had a heart attack. *shiver*


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